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Stony-Edge No Assembly Folding Shoe Rack Organizer, 2 Shelves, Home Shoe Storage Bench, Quality Furniture. Espresso Color. 28” Wide.

Stony-Edge No Assembly Folding Shoe Rack Organizer, 2 Shelves, Home Shoe Storage Bench, Quality Furniture. Espresso Color. 28” Wide.

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Entire shoe rack is constructed from one type of single-source, knock-on-wood, real wood. HIGH QUALITY WOOD delivers strength and long life. NO CRACKING, splitting, separating and no kidding
NO TOOLS, no screws, no sweat, no blistering, no trips to the hardware store, no yelling at the cat, no four hours of brain cell abuse Simplicity is our mantra. Shoes racked and stacked in 3 MINUTES, give or take 30 seconds
You have made a brilliant, thumbs-up, no-regrets Stony-Edge decision and we thank you. If for any reason you have questions, issues or just want to share your buyer's-joy-our professional CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM is standing by to assist you
We pack your shoe rack as well as we built your shoe rack. No loose ends or loose anything else. We make certain that your rack won't sound like a maraca when it arrives. Safe passage and happy landings to all. SIMPLE, IN-A-SNAP INSTRUCTIONS included
A CLASSIC LOOK that's unexpectedly affordable. Position anywhere in the room, shoe rack is finished on all sides. Special attention has been given to the paint finish for quality and consistency of color. Stony-Edge furnishes you with pride

Watch your step! get a beautiful stony-edge shoe rack and organize your shoe fetish. Are you tired of walking in your front door only to find a pile of shoes waiting to be tripped over what about being late for work and having to sort through a heap of mismatched shoes on the floor of your closet while rushing to get dressed stony-edge is here to help you organize the chaos with a shoe storage rack that holds shoes, flip flips, Boots and more. There is no such thing as having too many pairs of shoes or Boots; that is, as long as you have the proper shoe rack on which to store them. This is one product you won't want to walk away from the stony-edge stackable wooden shoe rack is a convenient shoe organizer that provides a simple way to create customized shoe storage for your entire footwear collection. Either in your closet, by the front door, in the mud room, or in your bedroom, you'll find that the stony-edge shoe rack doesn't take up a lot of space but still makes a big Difference. Featuring a smooth finish and solid wood, this stackable shoe rack is designed to allow multiple units to be stacked to keep all of your shoes, Boots, Slippers and more neatly organized. We can't make your shoes smell any better, but we can keep them organized stony-edge's shoe shelf is the perfect addition to any mudroom, bedroom, or closet space. This strong wooden is durable enough to hold up to 10 pairs of your favorite shoes! let stony-edge shoe racks simplify morning routines, reduce bedroom and closet clutter and fashionably display your favorite pairs of shoes.

Stony-Edge Amazon ASIN B00QMO6YDU Home & Kitchen Storage & Organization, Clothing & Closet Storage, Shoe Organizers, Free Standing Shoe Racks

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