There’s now a Sweet Dreams cereal for people who like to snack at night

There’s now a Sweet Dreams cereal for people who like to snack at night

While a bowl of cereal is typically thought of as a morning meal, it’s probably safe to say most of us have enjoyed it at nighttime as well. Whether for dinner when you’re not in the mood to cook or as a midnight snack when your dinner wasn’t enough, cereal sometimes just hits the spot.

Now, there’s a new cereal designed specifically for those who love enjoying cereal at night. The Sweet Dreams cereal from Post Consumer Brands is made with whole grains, a “nighttime herbal blend” and vitamins and minerals — like zinc, folic acid and B vitamins — that are meant to support your body’s natural melatonin production.

The cereal does not contain melatonin, just vitamins that may help your body produce its own, so it’s not meant to replace sleep supplements and should be used alongside the rest of your slumber routine. Many of the same vitamins, however, can be found in the usual made-for-breakfast cereal as well. That means that while it is intended for nighttime snacking, you don’t need to worry about it putting you to sleep if you actually grab the wrong cereal box in the morning.

You’ll find Sweet Dreams in two flavors: Blueberry Midnight, which has the flavors of blueberry, lavender and chamomile, and Honey Moonglow, which has notes of honey, vanilla, lavender and chamomile. The cereal is in stores nationwide now for around $4.48 for a 13.5-ounce box.


While this is the first cereal designed to complement your sleep regimen, there are plenty of other foods (and products) that might help you catch some zzzs as well.

Just some of the foods that are supposed to be great for getting back to sleep after some late-night snacking include bananas, cherries, hard-boiled eggs — and yes, cereal. Milk is also on the list, so combining it with the Sweet Dreams cereal or any other that is fortified with vitamins and doesn’t contain too much sugar seems like a pretty good before-bed snack.

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