Recipe: Blueberry Sorbet

Recipe: Blueberry Sorbet

Sorbet is a simple, healthier version of ice cream and works really well with berries.

Recipe: Jenny Garing

The bonus to sorbet is that you can add fresh herbs and get a better flavour than if you add them to ice cream.

Traditionally a sorbet is made with fruit, lemon juice, and a simple sugar syrup (equal parts sugar and water, boiled together, then cooled). These ingredients are blitzed in a food processor, then put into an ice cream maker.

A 1:5 ratio of sugar to fruit makes the sorbet slightly creamier, but it does tend to crystalise. I use a little corn syrup which helps to stop crystallisation, making the sorbet smoother and not as icy. Use a light corn syrup – I use Korean Essential corn syrup, found in most Asian food shops. If you don’t have it, double the amount of sugar. If you want to make it more interesting, substitute with vodka – however, your sorbet may freeze icier than expected.


5 cups fresh blueberries or a berry mix, or pineapple or mango
3 tbsp lemon juice
½ cup sugar
3 tbsp light corn syrup (or sugar, or vodka)
fresh mint to garnish


Rinse the blueberries and pat dry. If using frozen berries, thaw and drain.

Tip the berries into a bowl, food processor or blender. Add the lemon juice, sugar, and light corn syrup and leave to macerate for 20 minutes so the sugar dissolves, helping to break down the fruit.

Puree the mixture until smooth. If the berries contain small seeds or you’re adding something fibrous (eg mango, pineapple), strain it through a fine-mesh strainer to remove the solids.

Transfer to an airtight container and chill in the fridge until cold.

Churn in an ice cream maker according to its instructions. Once the sorbet has reached a soft serve consistency, transfer it to a freezer-safe container. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, spread it out onto
a baking tray and put it in the freezer. Take it out every few hours and scrape it with a fork to break up the icicles.

Before serving, let it sit for a few minutes on the bench, then scoop. Garnish with fresh mint.

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