PrimaDeli Has New Ondeh Ondeh Waffles For A Limited Time Only

PrimaDeli Has New Ondeh Ondeh Waffles For A Limited Time Only

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PrimaDeli has new ondeh ondeh waffles till 30 April

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Old-school bakery PrimaDeli is known for their waffles, cakes, and fresh bakes. Lucky for waffle fans, they’ve recently announced the release of a new, limited-edition flavour inspired by a local dessert—Ondeh Ondeh! Available at the waffle stations in all PrimaDeli outlets islandwide, you’ll only be able to get your hands on this till 30 April 2023.

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This brand-new creation, priced at $2.80, has a filling of gula melaka and coconut, much like the beloved kueh. Holding it together is PrimaDeli’s familiar soft, chewy pandan waffle, with its crisp, golden-brown exterior.

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If you’re not familiar with PrimaDeli’s waffles, they also have simpler waffle offerings that include Plain ($1.50), Peanut Butter ($1.70), and Kaya ($1.70)

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Alternatively, you can get more indulgent fillings such as Chocolate, Cheese and Blueberry, priced at $2 each. Otherwise, the halal-certified bakery frequently runs promotions on their cakes; their cake of the month for February is Chocolate Cravings, which you can now order at a special price of $34, instead of the usual $47.80. Do note that this offer lasts till 28 February 2023.

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Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cake to gift your special someone, they’ve zhnged up their bestselling Truffle cake for the occasion. Priced at $24.80, the 350g cake stars layers of chocolate sponge and chocolate truffle. To avoid any disappointment, make sure to pre-order your cakes at any PrimaDeli outlet islandwide.

If you love waffles with ice cream, check out Ri Ri Cha in Chinatown for their nian gao waffles and tea-centric ice cream flavours. Alternatively, check out how we ranked 10 best old-school waffles in Singapore

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PrimaDeli is a halal-certified eatery.

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