Overnight oats - chocolate cherry

Overnight oats - chocolate cherry

I have seen more people than I can count on Instagram and my WW app who eat overnight oats for breakfast every morning.
I had no idea, I thought it was cooked all night. Nope. It's cold and not cooked.
Then I went, eww, and then had a little conversation with myself.
HOW can you go eww when you haven't given them a try?

So I have given them a try, on more than one occasion and found that sometimes it is yummy and other times it is so not for me.
I do prefer my oatmeal hot, but once in a while this is a nice change of pace.

I used:
WW (new) protein boost powder in chocolate
1/3 cup quick oats (I found out afterwards that most people use the regular)
1/3 cup Hood calorie count down reduced fat milk (I can't use almond or soy)
1 individual serving size of Dannon Fit and Light Greek Yogurt in cherry flavor
After mixing it all and allowing it to sit in the fridge overnight I stirred in a teaspoon of dark chocolate mini chips.
Oh my! It was really good.

I've tried cinnamon apple, pumpkin pie and blueberry since this first one. All of which I did NOT use the protein powder in. Just oats, milk and yogurt. They were okay. Not as  good as the first time, which is this one.

My husband turned up his nose and my son gagged when he looked at it. LOL
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