November Daily Goodie Box

November Daily Goodie Box

{Disclaimer: I was given a Daily Goodie Box to review but all opinions are my own}

November's Daily Goodie Box is here and let's see what we've got in store this month!

Green Goo - Peppermint Toothpaste
This is an all natural peppermint toothpaste.  I forgot how many things you could use toothpaste for besides toothbrushing.  Check them out by following the link.

Que Bella - Peel Off Masks
I love a good face mask and peel off masks are even more fun!  Que Bella is an affordable and natural option.

Susan Brown’s Baby - Sensitive Baby Diaper Therapy® Cream
The packaging on this diaper therapy cream is so cute.  I like the natural ingredients in it like oat, shea butter, calendula and chamomile and that there are no petroleum products or mineral oils in this product.

Hydralyte - Electrolyte Solution
You never know when you'll need one of these electrolyte solutions.  This one has 75% less sugar and 4X the electrolytes of leading sports drinks.

Teaonic - MOJO Herbal Wellness Shots 
From the website -   A gut-loving combo of: Ginger Juice and Aloe Leaf Juice which both have a long history of aiding and soothing digestion, Cinnamon for added digestive support, Cranberry Juice for overall immunity and anti-bacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory Hibiscus. 

Sir Kensington’s - Pizza Ranch Dressing
This dairy free and sugar free ranch (and pizza flavored?!) sounds so good!

Aprati Foods - Frutati™ Hard Candy Assortments
These candies come in some yummy sounding combinations like blueberry yuzu, pineapple passionfruit and green apple mango.  They only have 2g a sugar per piece of hard candy and contain no artificial colors.

WOLO WanderBar - Peanut Butter Protein Bar
This bar says it is packed with peanut butter - and more peanut butter with a crisp bottom layer and chewy layer on top. Sounds good to me!

You can get your own Daily Goodie Box by clicking on the link and signing up. No credit card is ever needed.

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