My 14 Goals for 2020 Week 20 of 52

My 14 Goals for 2020


Goal #1 – Take Full Advantage of Having My Husband Home 24/7

It was another productive week for the HH. 🙂 He hung my flower baskets, dug up the hosta plants in the back for me and tilled up the strip in the front with Manny so I could plant it with flowers.

Goal #2 – Take Better Care of Myself. 

This week, the highlights included 2 nice walks on the beach, a long nap and a blueberry pie. 🙂 A winner in my book.

I was even able to fill the beach buckets of my little figurines. 🙂 T’was a good week!

Goal #3 – Get Organized

The plan for May is:

  • May 3-9 Paint Master Bedroom Door, Writing Desk and Clean Up and Prep Canning Room for Painting
  • May 10-16 Paint Canning Room, Organize Everything on Shelves and Make a Simple Linen Curtain for Window
  • May 17-23 Paint Double Dutch Door in Kitchen
  • May 24-30 Paint Entry Alcove and Paint Front Door {Both sides}

Goal #4 – Get Proper Window Coverings on All Our Windows. 

All that’s left is the sunroom. Which is currently being used as a mini seed starting {because there is so much light in there} so I think I’ll wait until fall now to make the last of the Roman shades. Which honestly, is a genius idea because there are 212 other things I’d rather be doing right now.

Goal #5 – Master Bedroom Make Over {almost done!}

We hung the window treatments and I am loving how the sunlight floods the room every morning. I also painted my little writing desk this past week {I used this paint}.

Still left to do:

  • Paint Writing Desk a Glossy Black
  • Paint the Creamy Closet Doors White
  • Refinish the Floors {late summer project because I don’t have the supplies and the windows will need to be open all day because of the fumes}.

Goal #6 – Kitchen Update

All that’s left is to paint the double dutch doors and find a new area rug for in from of the sink {I think I might go with this one} and we’re done with the kitchen. Oh, and maybe find or make something lobster related for one of the walls.

It’s not my dream kitchen by any stretch of the imagination, but for less than $1,000 {paint, tile, knobs, hardware, fixtures} I feel like we were able to update {and brighten} the space, which was the original goal.

Goal #7 – Install Vegetable Garden Done!

The tomato plants I started from seed went in the garden boxes yesterday! Yes it’s a little early, but I’m going for it!

Garden To Do List for May

  • Mulch flower beds
  • Do something with the leftover bricks near the garden boxes {Neighbors took half of them}
  • Map out a master plan for beds for growing vegetables
  • Prune yew hedges to allow for more light near the asparagus patch
  • Plant beans, sunflowers, zucchini, cucumbers and other vegetables towards the end of the month.
  • Plant hydrangeas
  • Figure out a border for the raspberry/asparagus patch

Goal #8 – Explore More of Maine 

On the radar for exploring Maine this next month:

  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Lincolnville Center General Store in Lincolnville, Maine
  • Wallace’s Market in Friendship, Maine
  • Alewives Fabric Store in Nobleboro, Maine
  • Harpswell, Maine and Bailey Island
  • Camden, Maine

Goal #9 – Host Some Sort of Get Together


Goal #10 – Read/Listen to 12 Books

I listened to Birdseye: The Adventures of a Curious Man last week on audiobook and it was very interesting to learn about the different refrigeration and freezing techniques/trials in the early 1920’s. I don’t know about you, but I love listening to stories while I’m working on craft projects, it helps to keep me focused and I am less prone to distraction. 

So far I have read/listened to:

Goal #11 – Learn A New Skill or Craft

Not yet. Thinking seriously about buying a glass kiln though {and so is my neighbor}.

Goal #12 – Visit 12  Museums, Historical Homes or Botanical Gardens {and bakeries too!}

The HH and I headed up north yesterday on a mini adventure and had a blast. We were so tired when we got home though that we both had to take a 2 hour nap.  I’ll tell you more about where we went and what we did on Tuesday. 🙂




Goal # 13 – Reach 5,000 Etsy Sales by the End of The Year 

As of this morning, I have made 3896 sales on Etsy. That’s up from 2804 on January 1st and it looks like I am on pace to hit 5,000 sales by the end of the year which is VERY exciting to me.

This past week I worked a little on my latest {and yet to be named} rug. I finished the vessel and this week I hope to get a few other key components hooked. Larger rugs are always a bit of a challenge for me. I am either full speed ahead and can finish the large pieces in a week, or they take me months to finish. It’s weird. It’s coming along though, slowly but surely.

Goal #14 – Once a Month Menu Planning {for 2}

I think I’m ready to switch to salad and ice cream mode for meals for the next few months, how about you? It sounds like a solid meal plan if you ask me.


Have YOU made any goals for this year? If so, DO TELL! We all want to hear about them.

Have a great Sunday everyone, enjoy the sunshine.


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