Most Authentic Restaurants in Madrid for Valentine’s Day

Most Authentic Restaurants in Madrid for Valentine’s Day

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Finding the perfect gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day can be a challenging task if you want it to be truly special, unique, and memorable. Oftentimes, an experience that you both can enjoy together can be the best choice, especially if your partner appreciates fine dining. For those traveling to Spain around this celebration, we recommend you try any of these three authentic restaurants in Madrid to give you an unforgettable culinary experience this Valentine’s Day, or for any special occasion!

El Olivar - Caluana Restaurant
El Olivar – Caluana Restaurant

Caluana Restaurant (Calle de la Bolsa, 12): 

More than a restaurant, Caluana is a gastronomic venue where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Its excellent menu combines Spanish and Italian cuisine to offer unique dishes with a magical explosion of flavor. It is just a few minutes walk from the Plaza del Sol, so extremely central, convenient, and very easy to find! For your Valentine’s dinner you can choose between its two dining areas, El Olivar or El Invernadero. The first one is a sumptuous hall in the shape of a baroque chapel surrounded by olive trees, however, it is more intended for dining with friends or family.

El Invernadero - Caluana Restaurant
 Photo courtesy of Caluana Restaurant

On the other hand, upstairs you will find El Invernadero, a beautifully decorated space with trees and flowers that creates a more cozy, intimate and relaxed atmosphere. When making your reservation, make sure they seat you in a table in the Rose Garden Room, next to one of their lovely rose walls to add an even more special flair to your romantic dinner.

Photos courtesy of Caluana Restaurant

If you are looking for a spectacular twist, I recommend you postpone your celebration for a couple of days, since it will be well worth it! Every Thursday is “fire night” at Caluana, a live show that you can add to the memorable culinary experience you will present to your loved one. To conclude the celebration in style, you can go to the basement where Maldita Gioconda awaits you, a clandestine signature cocktail bar where each cocktail is inspired by a different piece of art.

Maldita Gioconda Cocktail Bar - Caluana Restaurant
Maldita Gioconda Cocktail Bar – Photos courtesy of Caluana Restaurant
These are the delights you can’t miss in Caluana:
  • Potato croquette with Iberian jowl: a classic that revives the Spanish essence of the restaurant.
  • Iberian Carbonara: the perfect example of their Italian-Castilian fusion, one of the most famous recipes of Italian cuisine with a touch of Iberian jowl and Joselito Iberian ham.
  • Rice with truffle and shrimps: a mellow rice for truffle lovers with seasonal mushrooms and buttered seafood with mascarpone and truffle. You will fall in love with it from the very first bite!
  • Grilled beef sirloin with perigord: a perfect dish for lovers of quality meat.
  • Limoncello Torrija: the perfect dessert made with caramelized brioche bread soaked in limoncello cream. Undoubtedly, one of my favorites!
Photos courtesy of Caluana Restaurant

El Pimiento Verde Restaurant (Multiple Locations)

The Northern Spanish cuisine is one of the most authentic in the country. With dining options like El Pimiento Verde Restaurant, you don’t need to leave Madrid to enjoy its specialties. This is also a great option to give a romantic dinner to your significant other on Valentine’s Day.

Photo courtesy of El Pimiento Verde Restaurant – Majadahonda

The dishes of this restaurant focus, above all, on the culinary tradition of Cantabria, so in its menu you will find a compilation and reinterpretation of the most traditional Basque recipes. Another of the house specialties is the T-bone steak, a spectacular meat that comes from the black breed cows raised in their own farm in Herradón de Pinares in Ávila. Also, the wild Cantabrian monkfish has become one of the stars of the restaurant’s menu.

Photo courtesy of El Pimiento Verde Restaurant – Quintana 1

They usually have delicious dishes off the menu that change every day. Don’t forget to ask your waiter and surprise your partner with an unexpected dish! They also have an extensive wine cellar to perfectly match each of their courses.

Photos courtesy of El Pimiento Verde Restaurant – Quintana 1

The best part is that El Pimiento Verde has a total of 4 locations throughout Madrid (Lagasca 43, Quintana 1, Castelló 18, Majadahonda) plus a traditional tavern (Conde de Miranda 4), so you can book a table without any problem at any of their restaurants! All of them have a cozy and quiet atmosphere to make your Valentine’s dinner a memorable experience.

Other favorite dishes of the house are:
  • Artichoke flowers: soft and delicate, with a unique flavor.
  • Grilled cod: a classic of Basque cuisine and one of the restaurant’s favorites with a crunchy touch.
  • Octopus skewers: grilled and accompanied with a sweet potato puree also grilled, which leaves a smoky flavor.
  • Homemade chistorra sausage: a typical dish from Navarra, grilled and served in a casserole over a creamy potato sauce.
  • House cheesecake: so creamy that it melts in your mouth, with blueberry and red fruit jam.
Photos courtesy of El Pimiento Verde Restaurant

Martinica Restaurant (Calle del Pinar, 6):

Located in Barrio de Salamanca, Martinica Restaurant is an stylish eatery ideal for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Martinica’s interior design is inspired by the art-deco style, it is a space with hanging plants, and particularly colorful, that combines perfectly with their exquisite delicacies.

Photo courtesy of Martinica Restaurant

Chef Marcello Salaris has taken Spanish gastronomy as a starting point, fusing it with the gastronomic secrets he has learned during his journeys to his favorite countries, which has resulted in a menu of modern, daring and wild dishes. In his creations you can see, above all, the influence of Mexico, Italy, Morocco and Japan. It’s a traveling cuisine that evokes the tastes and smells of these destinations, so you’ll spoil your loved one by taking them to a restaurant where they can choose from a variety of international culinary choices.

Photo courtesy of Martinica Restaurant

The art of mixology plays a key role in Martinica. At the bar you can order classic and signature cocktails to toast to love. The “Corazonada” cocktail, with a base of aged cane flower rum and fruity flavor, is perfect for the occasion!

Photos courtesy of Martinica Bar

For this Valentine’s Day, Martinica offers a special menu specially tailored to share with your loved one. It includes 6 courses, along with a selection of wines. Additionally, there will be live music with a saxophonist to create an even more romantic atmosphere. The restaurant organizes shows, live music, and DJ sets on a regular basis during the week.

Among the must-try dishes in Martinica are:
  • Tacos of morucha beef sirloin steak tartar with quail egg and fries.
  • Brioche of butter with Iberian acorn-fed acorn-fed pork, smoked at the moment, ricotta with pesto and chipotle chili mayonnaise.
  • 100% acorn-fed Iberian pork tenderloin, pistachio praline, goat cheese and green apple.
  • Hake with beurre blanc sauce, prawns and cauliflower cream.
  • My trip to Morocco: star dessert of the restaurant, a mixture of flavors, aromas and colors in which the chef has been inspired by his trip to Morocco.
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Photos courtesy of Martinica Restaurant

These 3 restaurants reflect both the modern and traditional spirit that define Madrid as a city of contrasts. A special dinner for you and your favorite person to enjoy the wide variety of delicious dishes offered by these authentic eateries can be the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. If you prefer to combine it with one of the gift ideas we suggest in our list of 6 unique and innovative gift ideas, you will certainly close the celebration with a splendid crowning touch!

Most Authentic Restaurants in Madrid for Valentine’s Day Luxury Travel Blogger - Carmen Edelson
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