In search of Slovakia’s sweet and savoury delicacies

In search of Slovakia’s sweet and savoury delicacies

Spring is in the air! As the winter is going – slowly but surely – and nature is waking up after a long sleep, I feel ready for new adventures. I’ve set off for another culinary journey recently, collecting material for the last volume of A Taste of Slovakia series – the Spring Book.

My first travel experience was yummy, wholesome and inspirational. I went to Vierka’s bakery in Levice to take photos of a pulled Slovak strudel being made. And I got a taste of much more.

Why did I choose this particular town in the south of Slovakia when there are so many other places around the country that make wonderful strudels? Well, it is where my first memory of good, homemade strudel is rooted. At my grandparents’ house near Levice.

My grandparents used to grow walnuts and poppy seeds in their garden, as well as sour cherries, apricots, apples and pears. The home-grown fruit was often added to the walnut, poppy seed and tvaroh cheese filling in strudels. My grandma also made sweet and savoury cabbage strudels.

Vierka’s bakery website shows an large choice of strudels of the kind my grandma did. Plus they also make savoury pagatche cakes, tortes, edible cake decorations, pastries, and much more. I wanted to be there and see it with my own eyes.

Pagatche from Vierka's bakery

Ladies in Vierka’s bakery were a happy, amiable bunch. Despite their physical or mental disabilities, they were able to create praiseworthy pieces of work. Supported by their assistants, they worked in perfect synergy, helping each other and practising skills they might otherwise be unknown to the rest of the world.

honey dough from Vierka's bakery

Vierka’s bakery makes honey dough of various shapes and sizes. It is supposed to be filled with buttercream and decorated at home. Honey dough numerals can also be used as decorations for birthday cakes.

packing the laskonky dough

Another popular cookie dough meant to be filled with buttercream. Laskonky cookie bases are packed and sold on Vierka’s website and at their physical shop in Levice.

pressing nut rolls

A baker piping dough for another type of small cakes popular in Slovakia. Once they have been baked, they will either be finished at Vierka’s bakery, or sold to their customers who wish to get creative at home.

Some of Vierka’s cakes and tortes are filled and decorated on the premises. To ensure they are delivered in the best possible shape, these cakes have to be picked up at the bakery in person.

And finally, the famed strudels made by Sonya – a lady who, despite her physical disability, excells in strudel baking.

strudels from Vierka's bakery

Tvaroh cheese & blueberry strudel (on the left), walnut & mirabelle strudel (on the right)

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