Gardening in Maine – Planting Onion Bulbs, Tomato Seedlings and More

Hello Thursday! And the last day of April. Can you believe it? If there is one thing I love about living in New England, it’s that when the seasons change, they REALLY change. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous here in Maine. The sun was shining and the weather was absolutely perfect. And not a mosquito in sight. 😉

Have you ever grown onions from bulbs before? I totally forgot to start my onion seeds {I should have sown the seeds in January because they take forever to get going} so this year I am using onion bulbs.

I planted 60 red onion bulbs between the blueberry and raspberry plants. That should be enough onions for salsa and red onion marmalade, don’t you think?

Miss Lucy helped of course.

The little grape muscari are finally in bloom as are a few of the (400} pink tulips I planted last fall. After all your comments last week about moving them, I may just leave them right where they’re at and hope the multiply and fill the space in. Maybe once the boxwoods bush out a bit and gain some height and I {have the HH} dig out a 6″ border in front of the beds the area will look a little less disheveled and more put together.

Also, I’ve noticed everyone’s tulips are a little shorter here than I remember them in Western Washington. Do the cold winters here in New England stunt their growth a little? Anyone know?

Spring has definitely arrived though, that’s for sure.

Yesterday the HH and I made the long {5 hour round trip} drive to Costco to pick up eyeglasses {really, the only reason we still have a card} and to stock up not only on groceries and household supplies, but plants and garden supplies {like grass seed and a new hose} as well. Lucky for us they had just gotten in a boatload of new plants.

I snagged 2 pink geranium hanging baskets for $19.95 each and 6 {2 gallon} blue hydrangeas for $12.99 each {what a deal!}.

I was so happy to find the hydrangeas because those were the last flowering plant on my list to buy for this year. Now all I need to do is find a half dozen Canadian hemlock trees {to plant along the fence as a privacy border} and I will be DONE with buying plants for this property. Yee-Haw! Everything else {perennial flowers} I either have or will be starting from seed.

The evenings are still a bit chilly {upper 30’s} here are night, so I decided to put the hydrangeas in my neighbors greenhouse for another week or so to help acclimate them. So far I have a flat of Shasta daisy, a flat of basil and two flats of sunflower seeds germinating over there. Oh, and some purple coneflower and artichoke plants as well.

I’ll probably move my cabbage and lettuce starts over there in a few days.

But check this out. My neighbors built two garden boxes yesterday. Don’t they look great? Their boxes area a little longer than mine {10′ I believe} and it will be fun to see what they choose to grow. I think the gardening bug has bit a lot of people this year, as it seems all the seed companies have been struggling to keep up with orders lately.

And last but not least… the tomato babies. I think I’ll give them another week indoors, repot them and then bring the plants over to the greenhouse to harden off until the end of May. A real tomato and cucumber salad, doesn’t that sound good right about now? 🙂

How’s your garden doing these days? Are you getting outside and planting more this year than last? And when do you us usually plant your tomatoes starts in the ground? {And what state are you in}. Curious minds want to know.

Keep Calm and Garden On,


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