February Weekly Meal Plan #1

February Weekly Meal Plan #1

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I hope you have some yummy snacks and foods ahead of you this evening. I’m making layered Greek dip! And if you’re sitting down to plan for the week, here’s a look at what we ate this week if you’re in need of some ideas. I hope you have a lovely Sunday!


The girls and I got home back to North Carolina on Sunday in time to drop Finley and take off to an afternoon birthday party. The party ended at 5:30 and I grabbed takeout from our go-to Indian spot, Zaika, on the way home. I was so hungry I just dumped it onto a plate and dug in without taking the time to sprinkle a garnish on top to pretty it up 😉


Monday night I made my favorite enchiladas, which makes two pans. I used to freeze one but now we eat almost all of it. I was busy making a eating blueberry muffins (basically glorified cupcakes and so so good) to bring to a friend, so my dinner portion looks meager. Sour cream on the side.


Ribeye, roasted Brussels sprouts, and mashed potatoes. I made the mashed potatoes earlier in the day, transferred them to a baking dish and placed a few pats of butter on top and covered it tightly with foil. I reheated it in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes before dinner. As long as there is enough moisture in your mashed potatoes, this method works great!


Wednesday was a full day of co-op, soccer, and basketball, so a simple slow cooker beef stew made for a great dinner choice. I dumped everything in early in the morning and let it slow cook all day long. You want at least 10 hours for this one. It’s a great set it and forget it meal.


Since I signed up for Butcher Box under the “wings for life” promotion, I get 3 lbs in every box, so we eat them often. Patting them super dry and using baking powder is the secret to getting them crispy (and an IG friend also mentioned putting them in the fridge for a bit after patting dry and coating to help get them even crispier). Served with roasted red potatoes and kale Caesar salad with Primal Kitchen ranch and Noblemade wing sauce on the side.


We had friends over for pizza and game night. I made three batches of bread machine pizza dough and we did our regular favorites PLUS a white pizza. I added a kit Caesar salad on the side and dinner was done!


Saturday was full of soccer and basketball games. When we were home midday, I threw together a slow cooker ziti and crossed my fingers it would work- it did! And the kids loved it. I’ll share more details on it soon, but basically I sauteed the meat in the Instant Dutch oven, then added 1 jar of sauce, herbs, ricotta, and ziti and mixed well. Then topped with 1 c of water, another jar of sauce and shredded mozzarella. 3 hours and 45 minutes on low (190), and it was perfect!

Breakfast, Lunch, Odds & Ends

Not much to share here this week. A lot of our breakfasts and lunches were leftovers or scrapped together random snack plates. I ate a couple different Daily Harvest meals and made a big batch of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup to bring a friend that just had a baby.


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