Catching up with the Kelnhofers -15

Catching up with the Kelnhofers -15

Hi Friends, this week onCatching Up With The Kelnhofers, were talking all things Thanksgiving and questioning whether or not a reindeer is dead!

Catching Up With The Kelnhofers, family life

Every year we go to this cookie book event put on my the power company (odd, but cute). They hand out a holiday cookie recipe book and give a free cookie out. Ive been going with Nicks family since I moved to Milwaukee 8 years ago. You can either go through a drive through lane and get the cookie book (its a small spiral bound book) or you can go to the activities which is basically picking up the book, getting a cookie, and then getting to take a picture with and see reindeer. We bundled up all the kids and went to the event. In line, I literally turned to Nick and asked him Is the reindeer dead lol like he wasnt moving, had his eyes closed and looked out of it. The other reindeer in a little pen was laying down and not looking much better. Nick assured me that they were alive, and then I looked at the pictures and the reindeer had opened his eyes. All in all a super fun morning!

One of my favorite Christmas cookies are these eggnog cookies that I adapted from a recipe in a previous years We Energies cookbook.

New on the Blog:

What to Make:

Turkey is obviously the star of the show, but dont overlook how tasty Thanksgiving side dishes can be!

  • Cheesy potatoes who doesnt love cheese and potatoes?! This is a slow cooker recipe so its perfect for when youre running low on oven space.
  • Sweet potato casserole potatoes are the perfect thing to put in a slow cooker and this recipe helps you re-create the flavors of a classic Thanksgiving favorite.
  • Broccoli divine this dish is always a favorite, whenever I make it. It is seriously everyones fave and its broccoli!
  • Roasted squash and sweet potatoes a great side option for even the healthiest of eaters
  • Mushroom gravy you cant have turkey without gravy and this is one of my favorite ways to make it

Reader Comments:

My pumpkin loaf recipe is an absolute fave amongst my readers. Just a sampling of your amazing comments about this recipe are below:

  • Just made this for the second time! SO perfect! Great to have a gluten free recipe that is do delicious and easy! Spices are perfect. And I just discovered the 1to1 gluten free flour and it works so well. Thanks for this recipe!!
  • This pumpkin bread is amazing! Great texture- can not tell it is gf at all. I used Pamelas gf all purpose flour. Thanks for the great recipe!
  • Made this today in hopes that my two Gluten Free daughters would tell me this was a keeper. Tell me they did! Moist, flavorful and we definitely will make again. Soon. Thank you for this terrific recipe!

General stories/things Im loving:

  • We got our Christmas stockings from Pottery Barn Kids the woodland collection and they are just so stunning and beautiful in person! It made me so excited for the holiday season with the kids!
  • The twins got walkers and I cannot tell you how much they are loving them. Freddie especially. Ben is the sweetest older brother too he loves handing them toys to play with while theyre in their walkers.

  • Arent baby clothes with little things on the bums the cutest?

  • Wowza this book made me cry! Its a heavy one but a good one: A Woman Is No Man. Next on my list is The Bookish Life of Nina Hill!
  • We celebrated the Serbian celebration called Slava (The Slava is a Serbian Orthodox Christian tradition of the ritual glorification of ones familys patron saint. The family celebrates the Slava annually on the saints feast day. I made Vanilice cookies with Ben here are some pictures from the event. My father-in-laws birthday was the same day (below left with Freddie, Frankie fell asleep when I was getting her dressed, and please note Ben and Freddien were matching down to the bow tie.)

  • Whenever I have a work from home day or a blog working day, Ben wants to be involved. Its very cute he comes in my office and joins in on the fun.

Do you have any fun family traditions youd like to share? Id love to hear about them! Just leave a comment below and let me know.

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