Can a little jolt that is not an espresso help change your day?

Can a little jolt that is not an espresso help change your day?

Can a quick sip of a wellness drink change the way you feel?

Anyone who drinks coffee will attest to the difference  that one little cup of espresso can make to your day.

Now a new range of 100ml shots inspired by traditional Asian remedies for natural wellness is hoping to brighten your day.

SHOJO Tonics - a new functional wellness tonic available in flavours including red ginseng (for neurological and lung function) and turmeric (for metabolic and liver function).

The shots are claimed to be full of vitamins and minerals to support daily function and designed to provide a natural energy boost.

They are being promoted as being complementary to a fitness regime instead of a sugar-fuelled, or carbonated drink.

This is not my area of expertise, but wellness tonics are functional drinks that contain a blend of natural ingredients, vitamins and "superfood" juices. 

The SHOJO products taste pretty decent and have been developed by Victoria-based Rogue Beverages largely for the Asia Pacific market. 

The products are developed in conjunction with New Zealand nutritionist, advisor and researcher Nikki Hart BCApSc, MSc.

You can find them at select IGA, Woolworth Metro, Harris Farms and Mr Vitamins stores, as well as BP Convenience outlets and speciality grocery and health food stores. 

Of the range, the Restore turmeric shot is blended with B vitamins and Vitamin C to support metabolic function, reduce tiredness and fatigue, and help boost the immune system. My wife noticed a difference with one shot. 

I liked the berry tang of the red ginseng and goji Focus shot, which aims to boost alertness, while the Immune+ shot contains Manuka honey and Vitamin C and the Drift tonic is a "natural dose of melatonin" with blueberry and cherry aimed at improving sleep quality and promoting muscle recovery.  

All four tonics are promoted as gluten free, vegan friendly, caffeine free, with all natural ingredients and no added sugar. So, much better than a can of Red Bull, or Monster, then. 
The costs is around $3.99 a shot - cheaper than a coffee. 

I'm checking them out - and will report back. But please don't take any health advice from an overweight wine drinker.  

Want to try for yourself? Gourmet on the Road is giving a test pack of four different tonics to one lucky reader. Email before January 31 with Shojo in the header and include your name and address. A winner will be drawn at random.

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