Best breakfast in Utah, best breakfast in Salt Lake City

Best breakfast in Utah, best breakfast in Salt Lake City

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Happy National Pancake Day!

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Finding a good breakfast spot that has options for the whole family is a beautiful thing. Many restaurants in Utah serve both sweet and savory breakfast options. If you’re like me, you love all things savory for breakfast. But you may prefer a sweeter breakfast.

Luckily, Utah is full of places that offer both. If you’re looking for a great place to eat breakfast as a family or with friends, there’s places throughout the state that have a variety of options and vibes.

Here is a list of some of the best breakfast places in Utah.


Best breakfast in Utah

Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade

Located in Utah County and Salt Lake County, this restaurant has fantastic biscuits. The famous dish here is the Hoss, but I usually go for the Garden Benedict, which is excellent. The hash on the side is interesting — it involves quinoa — I recommend trying it either as a side or in the Garden Hash. This place is great because of all the options. If you’re looking for a place with a concentrated menu that still has variety, I recommend here.

Tulie Bakery

Located in Salt Lake City, Tulie Bakery has some seriously great dishes. Try the housemade ricotta on top of the toast with jam for an excellent breakfast. If you like pastries, this place is a fantastic choice. My personal favorites have been the egg croissant or one of the danishes. The restaurant also has a wide variety of herbal teas, which I love.


Located in Utah County and Salt Lake County, this restaurant has great options. The brioche french toast is decadent if you like a sweet breakfast. The croissant breakfast sandwich has white cheddar on it, which elevates the flavor of the sandwich. One of my favorite breakfasts here is getting the pastry and fruit cup option — it’s refreshing and light.

One Man Band

Located in Lehi, this diner has great retro vibes and fantastic food. If you’re looking for a classic diner breakfast, this restaurant might be a good option for you. This place has something for the whole family with a bunch of options like omelettes, french toast, pancakes and such. My favorite omelette from here is the Elvis Omelette — it’s massive and still works well for leftovers. This restaurant is very accommodating of families.

Roots Cafe

Located in Salt Lake City, Roots Cafe has both sweet and savory options for breakfast. One of my favorite options from here is the veggie peta breakfast sandwich. The rosemary ciabatta bread is fantastic because it adds a unique flavor to the sandwich. The pancakes here are one of the most popular items and for good reason — they are fluffy and great.

Joe’s Cafe

Located in Orem, Joe’s Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants in Utah County. The vegetarian omelette is great, but the real winners of this restaurant are hash browns and the grits. The grits are some of the best I’ve tried. If you find yourself in Utah County in the breakfast hours, give this restaurant a try.


Guru’s Cafe

Located in Provo, this restaurant is one of my favorites in Utah. The omelette wrap is fantastic — it’s stuffed with feta cheese, spinach and eggs. The potatoes on the side include peppers and onions, which elevates them further. Another great option is the croissant breakfast sandwich, but get it with the veggie sausage. If you’re in the mood for something sweeter, try the blueberry pancakes.

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