A Manananggal Gave Us Her Recipe for Heart and Liver Stir-Fry

The manananggal is often misrepresented in the Filipino community. Everyone is terrified at their ability to detach themselves from their lower bodies, then grow wings in order to search for prey at night. Their main victims are pregnant womens’ fetuses, but being jilted at the altar means they also gut men for their hearts and livers.

The manananggal recommends freshly gutted hearts.

But hey, they can actually be nice. We met one who was nice enough to give us her recipe for said hearts and livers; she even managed to fly by for a midnight shoot at our studio to show off her ability to film top-shot, close-up, videos like we do every day. Of course, her stir-fry couldn’t have garlic or salt, but the ginger and soy sauce made up for it, and even lent an Asian, umami-filled tinge to the whole thing. We told her of our aversion to cannibalism, and she kindly provided the blood and guts of cows instead. The only bad thing about her was she couldn’t resist licking the whole dish with her famously long tongue, but hey, don’t we all have friends with bad table manners? We wish she stayed, but we prefer our office hours during daytime.

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