50+ healthy low FODMAP breakfast ideas

50+ healthy low FODMAP breakfast ideas

In the past weeks, I have already shared ideas for dinners and lunches for the low FODMAP diet, but we didn’t talk about breakfast yet.

Probably my favorite meal of the day!

During the week my breakfast is often the same because it is easy and quick before work.

My favorite is lactose-free yogurt with 1/2 banana or some strawberries and some granola or some low FODMAP oats.

If I have some extra time on the weekend, I love to go all out with my breakfast.

In this blog, I share 50+ healthy low FODMAP breakfast ideas!

Yogurt with fruit and optionally cereal

The easiest FODMAP breakfast ever if you ask me. Lactose-free yogurt with fruit and some healthier cereals.

In the supermarket, you might find some low FODMAP cereals, such as oats or gluten-free cornflakes, but you can also make your own cereals.

On my blog, you find 4 tasty granola recipes:

and also a recipe for yummy granola bars that are perfect to take with you on the go. 

A stack of low FODMAP granola bars

Low FODMAP sandwiches

Of course, you can also eat bread for breakfast. In the blog where  I share different lunch ideas, I talk about which kinds of bread are low FODMAP.

In this blog, you can find many ideas for low FODMAP sandwich fillings.

Other yummy low FODMAP bread recipes are:

And if you really like yourself a savory breakfast, the grilled cheese sandwich you see below! 

A grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough spelt bread on a plate

Breakfasts with oats

Oatmeal is a delicious and simple breakfast to make.

If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, you can prepare a larger portion at the beginning of the week.

In the morning you only need to heat the oats up (or eat them cold) and top them with some fresh fruit. What do you think about:

Enough to choose from! 

Low FODMAP porridge with peanut butter and chocolate chips

Other kinds of porridge

You cannot only make porridge with oats but also with lots of other low FODMAP grains and it is super fun to do for variation.

You can make teff porridge or buckwheat porridge and on my blog, you can find recipes for:

A low FODMAP polenta porridge with red fruit


This might be one of my all-time breakfast favorites! Eating healthy pancakes for breakfast always feels like a treat.

I love simple banana egg pancakes.

I think most of you know how to make this, but if you don’t: simply mash a banana and mix in two eggs.

Bake pancakes from the mixture. But there are so many possibilities with pancakes. Such as:

A stack of pumpkin pancakes on a plate

Healthy fruit crumble

A warm crumble is probably something that sounds more like a dessert to you, but a healthy crumble makes a perfect breakfast too.

Especially on a cold autumn or winter day!

On my blog, you can find three recipes for healthy crumbles:

Healthy low FODMAP crumble with red fruits

Cake for breakfast

If you thought at the beginning of this blog post that low FODMAP breakfasts can only be boring, I hope that I have changed your mind by now.

Oatmeal, pancakes, crumble, and cake. Why not! 

I believe that every day, you can have a reason to eat cake, so why not eat cake for breakfast?

My favorite breakfast cake recipes on the blog are:

Healthy cheesecake with lemon and slices of kiwi on top


This is a breakfast that I save for the weekends because it costs a little more time to make. But if you have some extra time, it is a real treat.

On my blog, you can find two recipes for healthy waffles: oat waffles with red fruits and chocolate waffles. And also a perfect Sunday morning waffle recipe: “Oreo” waffles

Speaking of Sunday breakfasts.. if you really have something to celebrate, I would definitely suggest you to try one of these recipes for breakfast as well:

Low FODMAP gluten-free Oreo waffles

Savory low FODMAP breakfasts

As you might have noticed in this blog post, I love myself something sweet for breakfast.

But if you are more the savory breakfast kind of person there are still plenty of delicious low FODMAP breakfasts to make!

What do you think of shakshuka, a very tasty middle eastern dish with eggs in tomato sauce?

Or other breakfasts with eggs, such as scrambled eggs, egg muffins, or egg wraps. Or a vegan version: scrambled tofu.

Other great savory breakfast options on the blog are these sweet potato muffins or savory oatmeal

A pan with low FODMAP shakshuka shown from above

Smoothies and smoothie bowls

I am not a huge fan of smoothies for breakfast. I prefer chewing on my breakfast instead of drinking it. But I know that there are lots of people who love smoothies, so I did create some low FODMAP smoothie recipes:

I hope that these low FODMAP breakfast ideas have given you some inspiration for your breakfast! What is your favourite low FODMAP breakfast?

A low FODMAP chocolate coffee smoothie in a bottle

Are you looking for inspiration for lunch, dinner, and snacks too? Then check out these other round-up posts on my blog: 

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