5 Easy College Friendly Holiday Foods That are Sure to Impress.

5 Easy College Friendly Holiday Foods That are Sure to Impress.

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Once I had moved out of my childhood home I was expected to contribute to the family Thanksgivings and Christmas table. Living on a college student budget and not really have cooking skills I found a few simple and delicious foods to make.

I will not be including photos of the recipes simply to respect the copyright laws of the amazing blogs that created these recipes.

Oreo Nutella Truffles

If you like chocolate or oreos! Then you have to try these, they are so gooey and creamy. They were a huge hit with my family because after eating a huge holiday meal you might not want to commit to eating a whole piece of pie. These are such a rich dessert and just one or two truffles is enough to full your sweet craving. They are so fun and simple to make, find the recipe here.

Mini Blueberry Pies

These are literately so cute and so simple to make. Since the recipe calls for pre-made frozen pie crusts they are also quick to make, which is perfect for a busy or last minute baker. I am not normally a pie lover but I do love blueberries and these are so adorable! Find the recipe here.

Green Bean Casserole

This is such a traditional Thanksgiving side, and for a good reason. This is a wonderfully creaming and fulling casserole that even picky eaters will enjoy. This receipt is very easy and mostly consists of mixing all the ingredients together and baking them. Find the recipe here.

Roasted Green Beans and Mushrooms.

During the holiday my family fills the table with creamy casseroles (like the recipe above), so last year I decided to try a healthier option. Green beans and mushrooms are such a great combination and the recipe is really straight forward! If I could make it then Im sure you can to! This is a wonderful light side dish for any holiday table. Find the recipe here.

Roasted Winter Vegetables

Staying on the healthy side of things this is the recipe I am going to try out this year for Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful winter mix of veggies and Im very excited to try it out. Again this is a very simple recipe and college level cooking friendly. Find the recipe here. I also found a youtube video showing how to make them and cut the butternut squash!

Tips: For the veggie dishes I recommend buying one of those single use silver baking pans with a lid. It makes it so much easier to cook and travel with. You also wont have to worry about bringing any dishes home after.

What recipes are have you tried that are simple and delicious for the holidays?

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