3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories)

Here are 3 common Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories). Find out how to easily be nutritionally complete.

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories) - Ingredients for cooking vegetable soup

The first target I aim to hit when I plan my own meals is to make sure I get ALL of my nutrients in my diet EVERY single day without fail.

I watch a lot of other people plan their healthy meals on Youtube videos and they are often lacking in various nutrients, but they say, thats OK because Ill probably end up getting those nutrients tomorrow.

And I say, why not just maximize your nutrients every single day?

Health is the most important thing to me, as without it, I cant do anything.

Ive been there, and its not fun.

So I make sure Im as healthy as I can possibly be.

A lot of people say that if youre on a diet, or if youre a small woman who doesnt eat many calories, that you might not be able to eat enough to maximize your nutrition every day.

Thats not true at all.

But heres what is true.

If youre on some kind of special restrictive diet, with special rules, you can definitely struggle to maximize your nutrients.

Say, for example, youre on a fruitarian diet or a diet that specifies you have to eat a certain percentage of carbs, protein or fat. Then you will probably struggle.

If youre on a low carb diet that specifies that you have to eat under a certain percentage of carbs per day. Then youre going to struggle to eat enough veggies to get your nutrients every day.

Any diet that puts percentages before health, is not putting the most important thing first, which is making sure you are healthy.

It is perfectly possible to eat low enough calories while getting all your nutrients every day.

Im going to show you how now.

You can actually cover all of your nutritional bases with just 3 vegetables.

Best of all, this is only going to cost you 450 calories.

After youve eaten those 450 calories, you can basically choose whatever (healthy) foods you want for the rest of the day because you know that your diet is nutritionally complete.

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories)

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories); Healthy Eating. Woman Mixing Fresh Salad In Kitchen

Here are the only 3 vegetables you need for complete nutrition:

  1. Broccoli
  2. Spinach
  3. Mushrooms

One of my favorite things to do is to play around with nutrients.

To me, its like a jigsaw puzzle. I enjoy taking things away and adding other things to see how I can stay under my calorie count for the day while being nutritionally complete.

Now heres the downsize

You have to eat a lot of these vegetables, but its perfectly doable.

And best of all, youre going to be really full on a small number of calories.

Here are the quantities you need to eat:

  1. Broccoli: 550 grams (3.5 cups cooked)
  2. Spinach: 550 grams (3 cups raw frozen or cooked)
  3. Mushrooms: 550 grams (3 cups)

Please note with the spinach, this is a LOT of fresh spinach. Spinach condenses down really small, so this is 3 packed cups of cooked or minced raw spinach.

This is why I weigh my vegetables, as its very easy to get the measurements wrong when you use cups.

The Proof That You Can Get ALL Of Your Nutrients From These 3 Vegetables

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories); Dietary menu. Healthy vegan salad of vegetables - broccoli, mushrooms, spinach and quinoa in a bowl

I inputted all of the ingredients into cron-o-meter.com to check the nutrients were complete.

Here is a screenshot that shows you the nutrients you get from these vegetables.

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories) - Mushrooms, Broccoli, Spinach

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories) - General & Carbohydrates

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories) - Vitamins

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories) - MINERALS

As you can see, you get ALL of your edible vitamins from these 3 vegetables.

You might be wondering why Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 are missing.

This is because Vitamin D is not really a vitamin, it is a hormone that you get from the sunshine.

We can supplement with Vitamin D and some foods are fortified with this vitamin which is why you can track Vitamin D through foods but its not usually present in foods.

There is a small amount of vitamin D in mushrooms which is why you can see some vitamin D listed here.

It is still unknown exactly where Vitamin B12 comes from but some people believe that it used to be present on unwashed organic produce, but we dont get much of that anymore.

It might explain why some people become deficient in B12 and others are fine without any supplementation. Believe it or not, meat-eaters can also be deficient in B12 so it is better to supplement this along with vitamin D.

As you can see, all minerals are present except for sodium. Most people get way too much sodium in their diet, so this shouldnt be a problem at all. You will more than likely get salt in the rest of your diet.

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories)

To make sure you get enough sodium, simply add teaspoon of sea salt to your vegetables and that will cover this mineral.

You can also see that you can get ALL of your amino acids which are the building blocks of protein from just these 3 vegetables.

So if anybody tells you that you cant get enough protein from a vegan diet, you can see that this is simply not true.

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All amino acids are covered with just these vegetables.

B vitamins are needed for energy and you will have plenty of eating these vegetables in your daily diet.

Many other nutrients that people are often deficient in such as Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Selenium, Potassium, and Zinc are all met in abundance by these vegetables.

You can also see that you are getting 755% of your recommended daily minimum intake for Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for your immune system which helps to prevent colds and flu.

If you eat this way, youll be surprised at how strong and robust your body becomes.

How To Easily Make Meals From These 3 Vegetables

3 Vegetables That Provide ALL Your Essential Nutrients (With Only 450 Calories); Woman making vegetable green smoothie in a blender

So how do I eat all this food?

I have 2 Green Thickies per day and then I split the frozen raw spinach up between my 2 servings.

I have one cooked dinner where I eat the mushrooms and the broccoli. This makes it a very filling meal.

Of course, this is only 450 calories so I have plenty of room for extra fruit in my smoothie, nuts, seeds, oats, and with my dinner, I add in lots of other veggies and other vegan protein sources such as tofu, beans or lentils and some kind of homemade sauce.

This diet is the most satisfying diet because it is so nutrient-dense.

Ive not just covered my nutritional bases eating this way, Ive actually got way more than the minimum nutritional requirement. I have nutrients in abundance.

When you eat this way, it is easy to lose weight, you feel full of energy, you sleep better, a lot of your health problems start to disappear and you just feel happier.

Let me know if you have any questions or let me know if this is something you are going to try.

And Im sorry if you dont like any of these vegetables. There are other ways to maximize nutrition, but it is so much easier with these 3 vegetables.

You hide the spinach in a Green Thickie and you have one vegetable meal with the mushrooms and broccoli. It is actually much easier than you think.

But if you take away any of these vegetables, you are lacking in certain nutrients straight away, and it is harder to find them with other veggies.

When you add spinach to a Green Thickie, you cant taste it at all. But just so you know most of my recipes dont contain this amount of spinach because most people wouldnt want to eat that much.

Spinach is very low in calories so you can add a lot more than it specifies in my recipes without affecting the calories much.

Another thing to note is that the quantity of your Green Thickie will increase when you add this amount of spinach to it.

You might drink 2 glasses of Green Thickie instead of 1 per day.

But I like that, as I get double the food to eat and still lose weight.

If you want to put my plan to the test, you can use any of the recipes my Green Thickies recipe book.

Take any recipe in this book and just add 550 grams of spinach instead of the 2 cups it recommends.

All of my recipes in my book serve 2, so you will have your breakfast and your lunch sorted.

Then you just need to make a dinner that contains broccoli, and mushrooms and add in some other veggies, tofu or beans, spices, sea salt, garlic, tomatoes, etc. and youve maximized your nutrition for the day.

You are going to feel awesome and the weight will drop off you!

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