25 Cozy Vegan Breakfast Recipes (Winter Recipes)

Admittedly, it never gets cold here in the daytime. But we seem to have our own version of winter. Every Christmas season, it gets nice and cold in the night. I went outside for something the other night and I was shocked at how cool it was. When were downstairs in the living room, leaving the back patio door open is more than enough to keep us cool with the fan. When were at a friends house who live-in the hills, I have to bring a sweater. Plus, it rains all the time now, so Im constantly wanting more warming and comforting things.

So whether it snows by you, or gets really cold, just gets really cool, or stays the same, at the end of the day, this roundup is an ode to the comforting and cozy recipes. The ones that make our houses feel like a home. Plus, I know people are always pressed as to what vegan breakfasts to make, so heres a whole bunch!

The best news is that I have included some low carb options too! So you can still enjoy your chocolatey breakfasts, your waffle-y breakfasts, and your Caribbean breakfasts!

Enjoy friends! Were in the best month YET! P.S. who else loves Christmas as much as I do?

P.S. 2 Do you say cosy or cozy?

25 Cozy Vegan Breakfast Recipes (Winter Recipes)

Photo Credit: A JITK Guest Post on sweetpotatosoul.com

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

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