This Reader Repurposed an Unexpected Item for Organization!

This Reader Repurposed an Unexpected Item for Organization!

organization crates

Looking to declutter?

Organization, especially with little ones, can be quite a challenge. Sure, you could buy an already assembled organizer, but that can become pricey. This week’s Happy Friday reader Jennifer put together a clever, unexpected DIY organizer!

connecting crates

When we moved into our new house and had twins, I needed some storage space! I did not want to spend money to buy proper “storage cubes” from Target or from IKEA, so I used what we had around the house; this included some mismatched milk crates! I used zip ties to connect them and put one set in our twins’ room for toys. This created a low shelf that could fit under the window in their room with space on top for book baskets.

connecting storage crates

I did purchase matching bins for them that fit perfectly! I also used this same trick in several closets and again used zip ties to connect the milk crates in stacks of three in two columns for lots more storage.


This was a great way to shop my house to find things we weren’t using and repurpose them into useful storage. I love organizing and storage but don’t like spending money!

organization crates

Jennifer, this turned out awesome! Here at Hip, we love upcycling, recycling, and decluttering as much as possible, so this is definitely something the team will try!


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