The beauty of IKEA cabinetry is its adaptability

And perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than with IKEA organizers that suit tall cabinets.

As IKEA design experts, we know how important it is having things properly stored, yet accessible, in your IKEA kitchen. This means having a kitchen design that works with your lifestyle; whether you’re an avid cook who needs easy access to ingredients or an on-the-go family that needs a space that is efficient and predictable.

The centerpiece of any IKEA kitchen design is IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry framework, which provides a lot of options when coordinating your organizers. This might take the shape of IKEA’s MAXIMERA drawers, IKEA shelving options, and even wire baskets — which are a great addition to any pantry (by the way). Even tall cabinets with appliances can be customized any way you want.

The bottom line is: With IKEA organizers, you can have it all.

Therefore, we’d like to provide some insight into how to customize your space with IKEA organizers for tall cabinets. This way, anyone considering IKEA cabinets for their kitchen will feel well informed to get the most out of their IKEA design and shopping experience.

Let’s take a look!

Drawers, drawers, drawers

Honestly, tall cabinets can’t get any better when they are customized with IKEA drawers.

For those new to IKEA, SEKTION offers its signature Drawer-in-Drawer storage option. So, on the outside, you see one drawer — and it’s built as one drawer —but there are more drawers inside. How clever and convenient!

With that in mind, options for tall cabinets include external drawers, drawer-in-drawer and drawers behind doors. There are standard configurations, but you can mix and match and customize them any way you want.

For instance, consider the SEKTION and MAXIMERA high cabinet with two shelves and five drawers or the SEKTION and MAXIMERA high cabinet with two fronts and four drawers; either which would be ideal as a pantry to store baking supplies and other non-perishable items.

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It’s all about organization

There are also many interior organizer options, like shelving, wire baskets, and racks for cleaning supplies.

The SEKTION high cabinet has seven shelves, and although they are fixed, can be adjusted to the height you prefer, perfect to store baking ingredients, such as large bags of flour and sugar. Meanwhile, the pullout interior fittings would be ideal to have concealed storage for cleaning supplies, as we mentioned, racks are only available for 18″W and 24″W cabinets.

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Along those lines, choosing the SEKTION high cabinet with wire baskets, would be ideal for the avid cook, as a perfect place to store onions or a convenient space for keeping snacks out of sight but still available for the kids.

Customization for Tall Cabinets

Remember, with IKEA SEKTION you can customize your cabinetry any way you want.

As we mentioned, the drawer inside drawer option really maximizes your storage because in one dedicated area you can have cooking items large and small at your fingertips. And for custom organization — especially for serious cooks – it can be used to great effect. The drawer-in-drawer feature has really made IKEA kitchen storage and organization go hand in hand.

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Another customizable option are pullout accessories which will allow you to stay organized and review the contents of a cabinet quickly. They come in a wide variety of options and could come in the form of a pullout spice rack or an appliance pullout, for instance, or used as part of one of our favorites — the IKEA hack.

The Rev-A-Shelf Tall Filler Pullout Organizer can be customized with different organizers; these are generally available for 6” applications and are a great option as well.

So, whether its drawers inside drawers, drawers behind doors, pullout organizers, or even wire baskets inside pantry cabinets, you can begin to see the organizational possibilities with your IKEA kitchen.

Just remember as you begin that the success of your project is determined by how much you enjoy the space after it’s done. Having a reliable, organized IKEA kitchen is the way to do it!

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