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24 Eco-Friendly Ways to Organize Embroidery Flo

ss Eighties kid here. When I was a kid WAAAY back in the eighties, I was beset with longing for a Caboodle. Never mind that I was deeply uninterested in makeup, which was what you were SUPPOSED to use the Caboodle to store in your teenage fantasies; it had awesome colors, I was sure I could put *something* cool in it, and I WANTED IT. If I was still slogging my way through grad school, I’d probably be burning right now with the desire to write a paper theorizing that the Caboodle, and an entire generation of eighties kids’ longing for it, represents the birth of our obsession with plastic storage, particularly the kind that has lots of little compartments...

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If you are struggling with tool storage ideas, this post is for you.

The majority of us see our storage spaces with a mixture of fear and guilt. Above all, we all know that we need to store and sort out our tools and supplies properly, yet most of the time, such things join the omnipresent mess we usually avoid to address. Luckily, today’s houses consider the need for appropriate utility units. In addition, they look to incorporate storage system into the general feel of the home and the greater landscape. From rolling toolboxes to more DIY alternatives, there is no deficiency of garage tool storage ideas by which you can spare yourself time, stress, and space with minimal innovative and creative effort. Moreover, hook-and-nail hangings, tower racks, wall-mounted mason jars, and wooden...

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