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Don’t you love it when you find unexpected ways to organize your home? We’ve found a ton of brilliant ways to organize with magazine holders (or magazine files, if you prefer)

Seriously! Talk about pantry storage… hiding your router…organizing your clutch bags, neatly organizing your groceries, and even your freezer are just some of the things you can do with these handy little doodads. The best part is how dirt-cheap magazine holders are. Visit your nearest Walmart, Target, Dollar Store though you can start with your nearest thrift store. Want in on a secret? While at the thrift store, head straight for the office supplies section. You’re bound to find a selection of magazine holders and the best part is that you might snag quite a few for just pennies. We can’t wait to hear from you in what ways you were able to bring some organization to your home! 17...

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20 at-home organization projects to tackle in 15 minutes or less

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to muster up motivation right now, or to have any sort of an attention span to accomplish things while your phone dings with endless notifications and (hopefully) your job and (possibly) your kids compete for scraps of your attention. I, for one, am finding my ambitious quarantine to-do lists going completely undone, mostly because everything feels like a Herculean effort at this moment due to a combination of overwhelm, grief, and fear. Organizing the home, however, can bring a sense of calm to chaos, which is very much needed right now. “Since we can’t control what is going on in the outside world, getting things organized is a way to control what...

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