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Katie’s Note: I’m so happy to have Lisa Woodruff from Organize 365 to help you organize with shoe boxes in your kitchen and the rest of your house! Her shoe box organization ideas were a game changer for me! 

Shoe Boxes for Organization: Quick and Easy Organizing You don’t need fancy organizers, new cabinets, or a professional organizer to make a big difference in your kitchen. Often, simple organizers that you already have around your house will do the job just fine. One of my favorite organization tools is plastic shoe boxes that you can get at dollar stores or for two dollars in any hardware store. 10 Ways to Organize With Shoe Boxes in the Kitchen 1. No More Lost Lids Floating Around Your Cupboards  A plastic shoe box will contain all of the various sized lids that you have for your plastic, glass, or stainless steel containers. Or remember that other containers might work too that take...

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