Short on Kitchen Storage and Counter Space? Behold: The Kitchen Cart

Short on Kitchen Storage and Counter Space? Behold: The Kitchen Cart

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Those of you with ample counter space will never know just how lucky you are. Some people living in bigger cities don’t have that luxury because affordable apartments often come with tiny kitchens — and even tinier counters. There are only so many places you can dice tomatoes, keep the best kitchen gadgets or store spices without a spacious countertop. Luckily, all of these problems can be solved with one of the best kitchen carts.

The first thing to understand that kitchen carts are different to bar carts. Instead of acting as a safe spot for all of your favorite liquor and cocktail-ready mixers, kitchen carts provide a handy amount of additional counter space if you’re currently lacking. They are smartly designed and don’t take up a lot of room for those worried about cluttering their cooking area. The majority of kitchen carts are also mobile, meaning you can simply push them out of the way if need be. Plus, the right choice of small kitchen cart with wheels can even add a bit of flair to an otherwise mundane-looking kitchen.

What to Consider Before Buying a Kitchen Cart

Not only do kitchen carts give you more counter space to work with, you’ll also get tons of extra storage underneath to keep plates, dishes, rarely-used appliances, everyone’s favorite spices, liquor and all your other kitchen essentials. Here are some key factors to consider when finding the right kitchen cart for your home.

  • Counter Space – The biggest question to ask yourself when buying a kitchen cart is how much extra counter space you need. Kitchen carts come in a range of different shapes and sizes, so knowing how much space you’re after makes choosing the right one for your home a lot easier.
  • Storage – In addition to extra counter space, most kitchen carts typically come with drawers and shelves for additional storage. This makes them a truly versatile kitchen addition which gives you a multitude of options and can even allow you to store something as large as a microwave or air fryer.
  • Design/Color – When adding kitchen carts and islands to your existing interiors, it’s worth ensuring that anything you add matches your existing color scheme. Most kitchen carts come in a range of different colors, meaning there’s usually a style to match with almost any kind of kitchen interior.
  • Portability – Choosing a kitchen cart on wheels allows you to easily and freely move your kitchen addition around. This can be useful if you want to move the cart between rooms or temporarily increase the amount of available counter space.
  • Seating – In addition to storage and counter space, some kitchen carts provide additional seating. This is especially useful if you’re short on places to sit or even just want to use your cart as a breakfast bar.

All in all, if you’re worried about the amount of storage or counter space in your home, all your problems will be solved with a kitchen cart island. Whether you want more space for preparing meals or holding your fruit basket, check out our favorites below.

kitchen carts vasagle alinru


1. VASAGLE ALINRU Kitchen Baker’s Rack

The VASAGLE ALINRU Kitchen Baker’s Rack is really hard to top when it comes to good-looking yet effective kitchen carts. There is so much room at the very top to keep an appliance, decoration and even a cutting board for when you’re ready to get chopping. Under the main platform, there is a small basket-like drawer that pulls out to store recipe books or fruits and veggies. Under that, there are four more tiers for holding extra appliances, liquor bottles, cooking utensils and more. Added hooks are provided on the side for oven mitts and towels, too. With all of this extra room, this is really the kitchen cart of all kitchen carts. Its only flaw? It doesn’t have any wheels, so this bad boy won’t easily move if you need to get it out of the way.

kitchen carts amazon basics


2. Amazon Basics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart

A straightforward kitchen cart at an affordable price? Sign us up! Amazon Basics did it again with this rolling microwave cart, perfect for placing your at-home nuke machine on the first, second or third tier depending on how frequently you’re popping that baby open. If you plan on keeping the microwave on one of the lower levels, the top can be used for preparing meals or holding necessary utensils and decorations. If you plan on keeping your microwave on the top, the lower levels are great places for storing just about whatever you need on-hand and don’t have room for in your cabinets.

kitchen carts homestyles natural wood


3. HOMESTYLES Natural Wood Kitchen Cart

For wood-centric kitchens, there’s no better option than this HOMESTYLES Natural Wood Kitchen Cart. The cart’s main body is constructed from a combination of solid hardwood and engineered wood which sports a natural finish. Up top you’ll find a 18-gauge, stainless steel countertop which provides a clean surface to prepare, present and store everything. Inside, the cart includes a number of adjustable shelves as well as four utility drawers. A spice rack, a towel bar and a paper towel bar round off this gift-worthy cart’s impressive specs.

kitchen carts home styles liberty


4. Home Styles Liberty Kitchen Cart

Have a spaced-out kitchen minus the counter space? Look no further than the Home Styles Liberty kitchen cart, the perfect rolling kitchen cart island for your home. Instead of having an open bottom like the kitchen carts above, this cart uses cabinetry to keep all of its innards hidden. There is one large cabinet with three tiers for holding cleaning supplies and extra dinner plates and even three drawers for keeping cutlery and other essentials. The top part of the cart is extremely spacious with an extra fold-out section to make it even larger with even a side space to keep your favorite spices on hand.

kitchen carts yamazaki home tower


5. YAMAZAKI Home Tower

Alright, we understand that some of you don’t even have space for a kitchen cart. If that’s the case and you simply need a spot for some extra storage, check out this home tower from YAMAZAKI. This skinny kitchen cart’s sole purpose is for storing things in a tight space, like the tiny sliver between your fridge and where your counter begins. Hold spices, oils, to-go coffee cups and more right in any nook or cranny. Just pull it out when you need something and roll it back in when you don’t.

kitchen carts threshold windham wood


6. Threshold Windham Wood Top Kitchen Cart

There’s nothing better than a black statement piece to tie together your kitchen. With its smaller size, decorative window-like design and light wood top, this kitchen cart from Target is truly one to beat. This is the perfect kitchen cart for keeping a microwave or air fryer right up top while stowing away cutlery or junk in the provided drawer underneath. In the window door, keep your Nutribullet, extra dishware and wine glasses ready for use whenever you need.

kitchen carts john boos co cucina


7. John Boos & Co. Cucina Cart

With its hard rock maple surface, stainless-steel base and locking casters, the John Boos & Co. Cucina Cart is a truly standout option. In addition to providing storage space and counter space, this professional kitchen-worthy piece oozes class and can be moved about the kitchen freely, thanks to the multi-directional wheels on each leg. The USA-made cart also includes a 10-inch drop which can be added when you need extra counter space and removed when it’s being stored. The food-service-grade materials further help to increase hygiene, while lower shelves ensure you have plenty of space to store appliances, cookware and your other kitchen essentials.

kitchen carts jtindustrialdesigns industrial island


8. JTIndustrialDesigns Industrial Kitchen Island

The JTIndustrialDesigns Industrial Kitchen Island is a great option if you’re limited by the amount of available space. This three-tier cart comes in a number of different lengths and depths, ensuring you can choose the island best suited to your needs. Handles on either end of the cart are ideal for hanging towels, tools or hooks from. Multi-directional wheels on each leg make the cart conveniently portable, while the 10 available stains ensure there’s an option to match every kind of kitchen interior.

kitchen carts mr ironstone multi tier


9. Mr IRONSTONE Multi-Tier Kitchen Cart

The Mr IRONSTONE Multi-Tier Kitchen Cart has received more than 9,500 five-star ratings from Amazon users who love what it does. From the four sizable layers of shelving to the six adjustable legs which ensure the unit remains stable on any floor, if you’re looking to increase the amount of storage space in your kitchen, this cart is hard to beat. Other notable features include the 10 S-shaped hooks for hanging kitchen essentials, the cross beams which create an even sturdier feel and the four attractive colors to choose from.

kitchen carts world market wood and metal


10. World Market Wood And Metal Industrial Kitchen Cart

With two drawers, two towel bars and two open shelves, this World Market Wood And Metal Industrial Kitchen Cart has plenty of storage space to offer. Add the cart’s wood and metal constriction into the equation and it’s easy to see why this classy, industrial-style piece is so popular with homeowners. One notable feature about the shelves is that the cut-outs can be used to store bottles of wine. In addition, the larger-than-average caster wheels provide a silky smooth ride whenever the cart is in motion.

kitchen carts caxxa rolling metal


11. CAXXA 3-Tier Rolling Metal Storage Organizer

Like the home tower in our number four spot, this 3-tier rolling storage organizer doesn’t allow for any counter space as other kitchen carts do, but it is perfect for storage. This eye-catching piece has many talents, it can hold anything from spices to baking goods to books to plants to wine bottles. Whatever you want to throw inside, it’ll hold it without a problem. We love this teal color, but for those of you who want something a little less gaudy, there are also black and white options.

kitchen carts casual home island


12. Casual Home Kitchen Island

No wheels here, boys. This 3-tier kitchen island is where it is, but don’t get it twisted, it’s still one of the best kitchen carts the world has to offer. If you have a dark-accented home interior, this is the cart for you. It can hold a microwave on any tier with that much extra space to keep extra plates and wine bottles safe. There is a tiny pull-out drawer under the top tier that can hold important paperwork and pens for safe-keeping.

kitchen carts crosley furniture


13. Crosley Furniture Kitchen Cart

If you’re looking to increase the amount of seating you have at the same time you increase your counter space, check out this Crosley Furniture Kitchen Cart. While a little bit shorter on storage space than many of its competitors, this smartly designed kitchen addition is supplied with two cushion-topped stools which can be stored inside the cart itself. It also features multi-directional wheels on each leg, includes two built-in drawers and comes in a wide range of color options. Furthermore, the cart has a removable shelf which can be added or removed depending on your storage/seating needs.

kitchen carts urban outfitters rolling


14. Urban Outfitters Rolling Kitchen Cart

While the majority of these kitchen carts are mobile, we’re naming this rolling kitchen cart the best mobile kitchen cart for the extended side handle that makes pushing and pulling an absolute breeze. Like the majority of modern kitchen carts, this one also has three tiers perfect for storing a multitude of items. There is an attached basket under the top tier for fruits and veggies or pens and paperwork, depending on what’s the most important to have in your kitchen or studio space.

kitchen carts mr ironstone


15. Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart

There’s honestly not much that sets this kitchen cart apart from the majority of straightforward kitchen carts in this world, but it does have a gorgeous wood color that gets the job done. It’s 3-tiered as you should probably expect at this point because a kitchen cart with any less shouldn’t even be considered. In addition to the tiers, there are also hooks for keeping towels and oven mitts.

kitchen carts threshold windham wood


16. Threshold Windham Wood Top Kitchen Island

This gorgeous kitchen cart is essentially number five’s older, cooler sibling. Instead of having just an open-window cabinet and a drawer up top, this kitchen island also comes with double-side storage space and an extended drawer above. It has a cream color that will liven up any kitchen and a whole lot of space on the top to hold your microwave, blender and then some.

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