Select-an-Effort: Under the Bathroom Sink

Select-an-Effort: Under the Bathroom Sink

Select-an-Effort: Under the Bathroom Sink. Seana in a sink.

One of the rooms which tends to get overlooked and overworked is the bathroom, so we will be spending some time in there today and tomorrow. The focus for today’s task is the space under the bathroom sink(s).

There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to bathroom storage:

  • If you have “his” and “hers” sinks, focus on the one with your stuff.
  • If you have pedestal sinks, go to the area where you keep the items that you might otherwise keep under the sink (e.g., extra toilet paper, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.).

A lot of items end up under sinks. Common examples include:

  • Feminine protection products
  • Toilet paper and boxes of tissues
  • Overflow supplies of shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.
  • Personal care items (deodorant, toothbrushes, lotions, etc.)
  • First aid supplies
  • Hair care appliances, brushes, hairbands, etc.
  • Shaving supplies
  • Beauty products

This space is also sometimes used to store:

  • Paperwork (related to bathroom fixtures)
  • Travel supplies (tiny shampoo, mini toothpaste, etc.)
  • Cleansers, rubber gloves, rags, etc.
  • Toys
  • Extra towels
  • Medicines & Supplements

The list of possibilities is long, and varies by the size of the family, the family members, and the layout of the home.

Are you ready to consider this space? Here are a few choices:

Low Effort

Select one bathroom sink storage area in which to work. If you have more than one sink with storage underneath, choose the one that needs the most attention.

Take a quick look and remove any items that are old, yucky, expired, unused, mostly empty, or otherwise not needed/wanted. Throw them away, recycle them, donate them, or otherwise safely dispose of them.

Medium Effort

If you have more than one vanity, go around and declutter two, three, or as many as you have time to address.

High Effort

If you want to truly improve the space, the first step will be to take everything out. As you remove items, sort them by into category (e.g., first aid, cleaning supplies, paper producs, toiletries, make-up, etc.). Complete the declutter described in the “Low Effort” option. Wipe everything down.

Truly improving the functionality of this gaping space is going to require that you establish zones inside to accommodate different types of items. In addition, you are most likely going to need to add some structure.

There are many options.

For one thing, you can add “drawers.” If you have the budget, you can get a custom-designed system from a company like Shelf Genie. These are an investment, but if this is a space you use every day, it might be worth it.

Source: Shelf Genie

For more of an “aftermarket” solution, I often use a free-standing product with shelves. Measuring your space is key, and remember to observe where your pipes are.

Stackable plastic drawers can also be handy for holding small items together. Again, make sure to measure!

Another options is this product from The Container Store that offers a bundle of items to help you get started. Shall I say it one more time? Measure, measure, measure before you order – you don’t want to end up with a product that just doesn’t fit.

A few other ideas:

Hang hooks (adhesive Command™ hooks are great) to the inside of the cabinet door. You can use these hooks to hang lightweight items (such as rubber cleaning gloves).

Relocate some things that you could store elsewhere. For example, bring the supplements down to the kitchen, or store extra rolls of toilet paper on a cute stand.

Add storage if you don’t have enough. You might want to bring in a basket for towels, add a shelf for commonly used supplies, or hang a mesh bin from the side of the cabinet to hold a hair dryer. If you don’t have a hook on the back of the bathroom door, you might be able to add an “over the door” organizer for small items.

*     *     *

You might be surprised by what you find under the sink today. Do you think this space could use some attention?

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