Select-an-Effort: The Bathroom Counter

Select-an-Effort: The Bathroom Counter

Select-an-Effort: The Bathroom Counter. Seana with toothpaste.

Yesterday on “Select-an-Effort: Organizing Tasks for 2023” we worked on the space under the bathroom sink. Perhaps you freed up a little space! If so, that will come in handy today as we move up onto the bathroom counter.

Depending on the setup of your bathroom, you may have a lot or a little bit of surface area around your bathroom sink. As tends to happen, the larger the counter, the more we tend to store there. The challenge today is to select one sink to work on, and choose from the following options:

Low Effort

Do a quick review of the items on your counter. Throw away any trash and return any loose items to whatever storage you have.

Medium Effort

Empty the storage containers you currently have sitting on your bathroom counter. Group like items together. Throw away all trash and remove any supplies that you are not using. These may include:

  • Products you no longer like using
  • Bottles that are almost empty
  • Products you will never use (such as a gift that just isn’t “you”)
  • Broken items
  • Duplicates that you could store elsewhere
  • Coffee cups, glasses, etc. that belong in the kitchen
  • Jewelry that should be moved to a jewelry drawer or box

Ideally, give the containers a wash or a wipe, and then reload.

High Effort

If your counter is perpetually overwhelmed, you might want to invest a bit more time to reassess your system. Complete the “medium effort” declutter, but rather than automatically reloading existing containers, consider if there might be a better way to store your things.

Questions to ask yourself:

Could I move any of these items to a drawer, a shelf, or a cabinet to free up more space?

Are any of these supplies “extras” that I could store more remotely?

Could I improve my countertop storage by purchasing a new organizer?

A few containers that can work well on a bathroom container are a small organizer, a large rotating tower, and clear cannisters for small items (contact lenses, cotton swabs, cosmetic pads, etc.).

The type of structure you add should fit the actual items you need to store, and there are a wide variety of options.

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How do you feel about the look and function of your bathroom counter?

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Select-an-Effort: Organizing Tasks for 2023
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