Organization Inspiration! Our 7 Favorite Recent Looks From the Home Edit

Organization Inspiration! Our 7 Favorite Recent Looks From the Home Edit

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The Home Edit team is still making things nice in homes across the country. The popular choice for celebrities looking for gorgeous organization, the duo of Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin have written a New York Times best-selling book on realizing your house goals.

A Netflix series is in the works, and we cant wait to see their color-coordinating ways in action on the small screen. As for now, were constantly returning to their Instagram for inspiration. The immaculate results are enough to make anyone want to get their life together.

We cant get enough of their perfectly organized closets, pantries, and offices. Here are seven of our favorite recent overhauls.

1. DeMarcus Wares closet

Having such an extensive sneaker collection means being creative with organization. No one wants to wind up with their shoes just stuffed under the bed, out of sight.

The Home Edit team implemented floor-to-ceiling shelving to house Wares hundreds of pairs of shoes. The color coordination of his pants and shorts is also an ace touch.

2. This immaculate cleaning cabinet

Cabinets loaded with cleaning supplies are usually a disaster. No? Just us?

Either way, the Home Edit team brought in an array of smaller, rectangular containers and added labels to keep this cabinet categorized, and were here for it.

The team also unwrapped the paper towel rolls and placed them individually on a shelf for easy access. Smart. Luckily for us, they include exactly what they used on their website, so its easy to re-create this efficient look.

3. Mallory Ervins closet

YouTube personality Mallory Ervin had the Home Edit come in and clean up her kitchen pantry, bathroom, and closet. And of course, they made the grade.

But theres one particular section of her closet that we really fell for. Every woman knows keeping small purses and hats both organized and undamaged can be a herculean task, but the Home Edit figured it out for Ervin.

They used this nifty clutch organizer for her small bags and placed hats on top of other containers to keep them from getting smushed. Genius.

4. This perfect pantry

Whod have thought to use a tiered system to organize canned goods?! Thats why the Home Edit team keeps getting paid.

This pantry is #goals. Once again, small containers come to the rescue to keep oddly shaped or packaged items in place. And the tiered shelving makes it oh-so-easy to see exactly whats in stock.

5. Kacey Musgraves jewelry drawer

Country music sensation Kacey Musgraves has been busy. From hosting the Country Music Awards to planning a Christmas album, she has little time left for organizing at home.

She definitely needs quick and easy access to all her baubles, so the Home Edit team came in and customized a drawer so everything is within reach. This little drawer is way more convenient than the standard jewelry box. And it frees up counter or shelf space. Win-win.

6. This tech charging station

It never fails. You have to charge your phone, laptop, and tablet all at the same time. Cords everywhere. Enter the collator. Sure, this object is usually associated with the low-tech organizing of folders and files on desktops, but it can be repurposed for 2019. We love how the Home Edit found a new, tech-friendly way to put a new spin on an old reliable.

7. Jay DeMarcus closet

Rascal Flatts bassist Jay Demarcus definitely has a thing for jeans. Now itll be easy to figure out which pair he wants to wear. The Home Edit team did a number organizing all his jeans and color-coordinating them. We cant help but notice the shoes in containers on the top shelf as well! Its a stellar way to keep white shoes white and dress shoes unscuffed.

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