New Gladiator Flex Garage Cabinet System

New Gladiator Flex Garage Cabinet System

Gladiator Flex Garage Cabinet System Hero

Gladiator has announced a new Flex cabinet system, described as an all-in-one, versatile storage suite.

The new Garage Flex garage cabinet system ship pre-assembled and are loaded with modern features.

At launch, there is a new tall cabinet, wall cabinet, base cabinet with doors, and base cabinet with 2 doors and 1 drawer. There are 5 different cabinet combinations and setups at the time of this posting.

The cabinets can be floor-mounted, or mounted to Gladiator rails and wall panels.

Features include soft-touch handles, soft-close cabinet drawer, auto-return drawers, leveling feet, multi-point locking mechanism, grommeted holes for cable management, an integrated under-shelf basket system, and removable closet rod for the tall cabinet.

Gladiator ships the system nested, meaning smaller cabinets inside of larger ones.

The cabinets are constructed from 24-gauge steel.

Gladiator Flex Garage Cabinet System

As a pricing example, a 4pc setup with (1) tall cabinet, (1) wall cabinet, (1) cabinet with doors, and (1) cabinet with doors and a drawer is $1500.

Wood worktops are an optional purchase ($80 each for individual 24″ wood tops). Casters are also available, at $70 per set. Baskets are $35. Wall mounting brackets are extra ($20 each), as are Gladiator GearTrack channels and rails.

At this time, you can only buy the cabinets as part of sets, individual floor and wall cabinets are not yet available.

Gladiator says that the new Flex garage cabinets will be sold alongside their existing ready-to-assemble and Premier cabinet lines.

For context:

The Gladiator Flex Cabinet System gives a solid starting point for those looking to modernize and elevate their storage. The system can truly transform your garage, creating an inviting and open space for hobbies, hosting your next neighborhood gathering or even a game day watch party.

These cabinets have a 19″ depth. As the base cabinets ship inside the tall floor cabinet, I would assume they are a little shallower.

There is one color option – “silver tread,” but more might be available in the future.

From what I can tell, the Gladiator Flex system is a more value-oriented line of pre-assembled cabinets that borrows some nice touches from their more premium cabinets.

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