Infant-Friendly Bathrooms

Infant-Friendly Bathrooms


Safety in the bathroom is always a must for everyone of all ages. No one wants an accident or a slip and fall in the room that they use the most, but if you have yourself a very young little one, then safety becomes your highest priority. No one understands bathroom safety for infants and young children better than Kingston. So, here is a list of small and easy ways you can make your bathroom infant-safe for you to use when in the bathroom with your little baby.


Infant Slip Prevention

When bathing your baby in the sink or bathtub, consider adding non-slip mats to your bathroom to prevent any slips to you or your baby. Cushioned covers will keep you and your baby safe in the bathroom. Non-slip mats in the bathtub will also secure any essentials like baby shampoo bottles from falling into the tub with your baby.

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Water Temperatures

All new parents understand that your babys skin is very sensitive, thats why you should always test the waters temperature before using on your baby. Another way you can prevent any scalding to your baby is by investing in accurate bathroom faucet and tub faucet handles. They will give you more control over the waters temperature and will ensure that your baby will have enjoyable bath time.

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Bath time Essentials

Always set everything you need within arms reach when bathing your baby. When having your infant in the sink or bathtub, you should never turn your back to reach for something, so always have a caddy or basket of all you need within reach so you can always keep your eyes on your most precious treasure.

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Organization is Key

Having a baby will take up a lot of your time, so you cant waste it by looking around for an item. Make sure everything in your bathroom is organized and in its designated place. Invest in a bathroom organizer or some extra bathroom accessories to help you keep organized so you can dedicate your time to your baby.

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