How to Remove Any Odor from Your House

How to Remove Any Odor from Your House

What do cinnamon rolls, a rose garden, and fresh linen have in common? That’s right, they all smell so good you can’t get enough of that aroma. The good news is your house can smell just as dreamy if you follow some simple tips!

Do you know, for example, how vinegar can help you combat stinky toilet? Or why you should keep baking soda in your fridge? Or how to deodorize your bathroom? Oh, this one is really cool! Just sprinkle the cardboard tube inside toilet paper roll with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Whenever you rip off a piece of toilet paper in the future, the essential oil smell will come out and deodorize the room!

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Take good care of the trash can 0:31
Use dryer sheets as a deodorant 1:10
Spread the aroma through the vents 1:30
Clean the carpet 1:52
Onions to freshen your basement 2:24
Combat mold for good 2:47
No more stinky sneakers 3:20
Take care of the washing machine 3:41
Start your own spa 4:09
Keep the toilets shiny clean 4:39
Let it roll 5:05
Lemons for your garbage disposal 5:28
Wash away dishwasher smell 5:51
Baking soda for the fridge 6:21
Make use of coffee grounds 6:42
Vanilla extract in your freezer 7:00
Chase away the smell of fried fish 7:18
Use citrus power 7:45
Clean the microwave 8:21
Get some house plants 8:46
Take care of the kitty litter box 9:02

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- Before you put a new empty bag inside the can, clean it well, because the can itself accumulates smells that stick around.
- Use dryer sheets as a deodorant. Place them in shoe closets, musty areas, trash cans, and gym bags.
- Another tip with dryer sheets that works like magic – put a few of them behind the vents in every room.
- To chase away bacteria that accumulates in the carpet and get rid of urine smells, rub the carpet with a vinegar and water mix with a cloth, and then rinse it well with water.
- Your favorite sneakers can make the whole closet stink, but that’s no reason to throw them away. Instead, try sprinkling baking soda inside them and leave it overnight.
- Tie some strong fragrant herbs like lemon balm, thyme or rosemary in the far corner of the shower to keep them away from water.
- Another obvious stinky source is the toilet. Vinegar will help you combat that. Pour one cup inside, and spray the seat and the outsides with it as well.
- To keep your garbage disposal from smelling like total trash, drop a sliced lemon, lime or an orange in it when it’s running.
- Your fridge accumulates all sorts of smells from the food inside. Baking soda, with its unique chemical properties, will help to absorb them and make it smell neutral.
- Stuff a nylon stocking with coffee grounds and keep it in the back of the fridge for a natural deodorizing effect.
- To fix the odor problems in your ice box, swipe it on the inside with a cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract.
- To make your kitchen, or the entire house, smell like a citrus garden, use orange peels! Dry them overnight, then boil 5 or 6 of them in a pot of water with the lid off for a couple of hours.
- To make the microwave smell like new with basically no effort, drop a sponge or rag you use to do the dishes soaked in dishwasher inside and turn it on for about 5 minutes.
- Activated charcoal will help you solve the stinky kitty litter problem. It’s naturally great at absorbing odors, especially those produced by pets.

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