15 Genius & Unique Kitchen Organization Ideas

15 Genius & Unique Kitchen Organization Ideas

Check out these kitchen organization tips and our team’s favorite kitchen organizers that look just as good as they are functional.

hand pulling water bottle from clear organizers

Organized kitchens just make life easier.

The best kitchen storage and organization ideas will make the heart of your home total goals! We found the most unique kitchen organizers.

1. Our team loves these bamboo plastic bag organizers.

bamboo wood plastic bag storage organizer in with baggies inside

LivingBetter Bamboo Food Ziplock Bag Storage Organizer – $27.99 

No more messing around with flimsy cardboard boxes. This brilliant idea also mentioned by Just a Girl and Her Blog for kitchen organization is just what you need to elevate your drawer space! Plus, it has every baggie size you need! Even better, Costco members can score an incredible deal on a similar plastic bag bamboo organizer for just $18.99! 😱

“I’m so glad I finally splurged on a bamboo baggie organizer! It’s nice and heavy and just what I needed to contain the mess of bags and boxes I had prior to this!” – Lina, Hip sidekick

Hip Tip: Looking to ditch plastic bags? I love these reusable silicone bags which are dishwasher-safe, versatile, and literally last forever!

2. The right kitchen storage ideas can even clean up all your tumblers and bottles. Say hello to these genius clear bottle organizers


mDesign Plastic Stackable Storage Holder Rack – $19.99+

The only thing you’ll regret about buying these clear organizers is that you didn’t do it sooner! Stop shuffling around your messy, unorganized cabinet for the tumbler or bottle you want, and have them all in plain view instead. You can stack unlimited organizers with this unique design and easily fit a large 32-ounce reusable water bottle perfectly. While there are many clear bottle organizers on Amazon, I picked this one since they’re made from a reputable brand, have thick, durable plastic, and have 5 stars on Amazon which is almost unheard of! 🤩

3. These shelf helpers will maximize your storage space and will make how to organize kitchen cabinets a no-brainer.


Cabinet Storage Shelf Rack – $19.99+

HGTV shared a bunch of quick and easy ideas for kitchen storage, and this one is key when it comes to maximizing your space. In fact, you’re about to double your cabinet space with these shelf helpers! They’re about as deep as your cabinets so rather than stacking your dishes on top of each other you can have all of them at arm’s reach at all times.

4. Outlet shelves get your Alexa & other small devices off your counter.


Sanus 1-Gang Outlet Shelf – $19.98

The greatest kitchen organization doesn’t always have to involve organizing your food. If you’ve never heard of an outlet shelf, your world is about to be rocked with this simple upgrade!

I’ve owned mine for a few years now and it’s the perfect solution for clearing your counter space and giving any of your small devices the home they’ve been needing. Plus, it can even be used upside down (shown above) for endless storage possibilities. 🙌🏻

5. Anyone with small kitchen organization needs will love keeping their spices handy with these magnetic spice organizers.


CMS MAGNETICS Magnetic Container Organizer, 12-Pack – $16.99 (regularly $17.99)

Having your spices handy while cooking is a major bonus, but having them free of your cabinets and drawers is even better! Put them on your fridge, a metal board, or hang a metal strip above your stovetop. Any way you stick them, you’ll have a functional way to spice up your kitchen at home or on the go if you’re cooking in a smaller RV kitchen!

Hip Tip: Check out how I made these simple spice labels in just a few minutes!

6. Or transform one of your drawers with this spice jar organizer.


VANGAY Spice Drawer Organizer$13.99+

Grab these kitchen organizers for all of your spices if you’re sick of shuffling around your cabinet with the right one. These plastic organizers keep every single jar on display at an angle making it simple to find just what you’re looking for.


To really elevate your new kitchen organization, you could even grab some matching spice jars and/or keep everything in alphabetical order! 😍 Plus, our Hip sidekick, Angela loves these stainless steel organizers if you’re looking for an alternative to plastic for your perfect kitchen organization. 🙌🏼

7. Grab some chalkboard vinyl for a temporary command center.


MMFB Arts & Crafts Chalk Board Stick-On Wallpaper – $5.71

Incorporating a chalkboard into your home can create a functional and trendy way to organize what’s on your weekly menu, keep track of your grocery list, write down notes, and so much more!

Better yet, when you grab a roll of this chalkboard vinyl (complete with sticks of chalk!) you won’t even need to screw any holes in your surfaces or deal with the hassle of painting. Easily stick this stuff on your wall, kitchen cabinets, pantry door, update your old dishwasher, or virtually any flat surface around.

Hip Tip: Give this idea a “built-in” look by adding some molding or trim around the edges. 🙌

8. Easily store your K-cups with this perfect under-cabinet storage solution.


PERFECT POD EZ-Shelf Under Shelf Storage – $17.99 (regularly $22.99)

This low-profile kitchen organization idea will make your K-cups almost invisible when you’re not needing a hot cup of coffee. It’s easy to install (no tools required!), has a one-handed operation, and has a convenient magnetic catch.


This will be a unique idea for any kitchen, but especially if you’re living in a tiny space.

Hip Tip: Check out how I ditched K-cups (and a bunch of other products) for a potential savings of $37K over the next 10 years! 👏🏻

9. A functional charging station will declutter any kitchen countertop.


Bamboo Charging Station – $28.99

If your family is anything like mine, there’s probably one area of your kitchen counters that constantly collects everyone’s electronics. Easily store them all in one stylish place with this unique kitchen organization idea!

From phones to tablets, and even a special place for your Apple Watch, this bamboo charging station will keep batteries at full capacity without being a total eyesore.

Even better, grab this multi-cord charging pack to go inside of it so all your cords stay organized and in one place too. 🙌🏻

10. Utilize small spaces with a pull-out storage organizer.

pull out drawer with storage

Rev-A-Shelf Base Cabinet Pullout Storage Organizer – $126.89 (regularly $161.99)

Sure we’ve all seen the slim pull-out cabinets for spices, but having one myself, I find it to be pretty dysfunctional a lot of times since you can barely fit the spices themselves.

That’s why I absolutely love this slightly wider, yet still slim pull-out storage solution. Whether you have unused space or are totally transforming your kitchen during a reno, this kitchen organization idea will maximize your narrow, unused spaces, while allowing you to fit even larger food storage containers as wide as 8 inches!

11. Store it all with this ultimate kitchen organization idea & an all-in-one sink workstation.


KRAUS Kore Workstation Undermount Kitchen Sink – $329.95+

You can have a gorgeous sink and do it all too! 😍 If you’re doing a kitchen renovation in the near future, consider this genius kitchen organization idea to dry dishes and cut all your veggies in one convenient place!

Best of all, the innovative under-mount sink design allows all the compatible accessories to be seamless with your countertops – making your counters spotless like never before! Find more kitchen organization ideas on Overstock.com.

Hip Tip: Want a simple & more affordable over-the-sink solution? Check out our favorite roll-up drying mat that’s under 20 bucks!

12. Grab this unique-shaped kitchen knife organizer to free up some counter space.


ROYALHOUSE Bamboo Knife Block Holder$15.99+

I originally saw this funky-shaped item at Target and had no idea what it was! Come to find out, it’s actually a unique kitchen organization idea for all your knives! If you missed my love letter to this product, you’re going to want to scoop one or two up for your drawer and clear off that valuable counter space!

13. Even the smallest kitchens can use these inexpensive utensil kitchen organizers.


Buy it on Amazon – $11.99 

We’re huge fans of the Joseph Joseph brand on Amazon, and this knife organizer totally won us over. It’s simple, sturdy, and saves so much space compared to traditional drawer organizers!

Plus, it’s super affordable and takes unique kitchen organization ideas to the next level. This organizer also caters to even the smallest of living spaces, so you’ll be able to maximize your minimal drawer space like never before!

14. Joseph Joseph also makes a compact cutting board organizer for your kitchen.


Joseph Joseph DoorStore Chop Cutting Board Set with Storage Case – $19.57

While we’re on the subject of great Joseph Joseph products on Amazon, you’ll be happy to know they also make an incredibly functional and space-saving cutting board system – complete with two cutting boards and its own self-adhesive storage case! This also means it’s extremely easy to install! Win, win!

Hip Tip: Want more cutting board options? Our recipe blogger, Lina, loves this slip-resistant cutting board that’s also dishwasher-safe.

15. Customize all your drawers with these unique pegboard kitchen drawer organizers.


Rev-A-Shelf Wood Peg Board System – $80.99+ 

Keep all your pots and pans, dishes, kitchen gadgets you can live without, and everything else organized with these unique wooden pegboards! Perfect for your deepest kitchen drawers, this durable kitchen organization idea will keep everything tidy and give you endless options for storage. In fact, even Good Housekeeping shared our favorite peg drawer organizer so you know it’s a must-have! 🤩

While I was lucky enough to move into my house with these cool pegboards already installed, I found identical ones on Amazon as well as these affordable plastic ones which are only around 30 bucks!

FREE Hip Tip: Don’t spend a dime & learn this unique folding hack.


You can have all the best organizational products in the world but sometimes what it comes down to is how you’re putting your belongings away. By simply rolling your kitchen towels rather than folding them into squares, you’ll have a much more functional and clean-looking towel drawer.


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