10 Pro Organizers Share Their Hero Products for Tidy Pantries

10 Pro Organizers Share Their Hero Products for Tidy Pantries

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When it comes to dealing with an unruly pantry, containment is the name of the game: It’s one thing to neatly store all your boxes, cans, and jars full of bulk-buy grains and legumes, but it’s another to keep it that way. When you want to make sure your cabinets stay organized, a few different tools come in handy. 

You’re likely acquainted with the old tricks in the book, like using baskets to keep items from spilling out of their sections, and maybe even a few turntables to ensure that expansive hot sauce collection stays in order. But the most helpful tools of all might be things you’ve never even considered using in your pantry cabinets—like magazine holders and sweater drawers. Here, nine pro organizers share their holy grail products for a perfectly polished pantry.

The Stacking Solution

This bad boy can fit the largest of cans (yes, even those oversize ones!). It can also be used for sauces, spreads, canisters, you name it. It is a great way to take advantage of both pantry depth and height. —Ria Safford, founder of Riorganize

The Deep Drawers

These stacking sweater drawers with dividers are perfect for maximizing height and providing easy access. They’re not super-tall, but they’re useful for smaller items like sprinkles; cookie cutters; tea and tea accessories; and even table decor items such as napkins, napkin rings, and coasters. —Louisa Roberts, owner of Neat Method New York

The Narrow Bins

These open-front bins are versatile organizing tools—I use them for everything from baby food to snack bars to cans. Plus they’re stackable and easy to label. —Ese Crossett, founder of Tidylosophy

The Snack Stash

Clear stacking bins are always a go-to for me—they allow items to be visible, as well as provide the opportunity for things to be stacked on top of each other securely and safely. I use them mainly for kids’ snacks, as their front is cut out for easy grab-and-go.  —Neitra Blair, founder of Organizing Lifestyles

The Bag Sorter

Typically people keep their grocery bags shoved inside each other, but for a more visually pleasing way to store them, you can fold them up and put them in a file organizer. They can still go on the floor of the pantry or even a shelf! —Kate Pawlowski and Ann Lightfoot, founders of Done & Done Home

The Simple Containers

I love this set because not only does it keep your food fresh, it allows you to see the quantity on hand with ease. I use these containers to store not only dry goods and snacks but also things like dish tablets and sponges. —Alexia Ford, founder of Passion Organizing

The Vertical Helper

Magazine holders are great for holding onions, potatoes, and more. With their longer lines and vertical space, they make the perfect spot for storing items that need extra containment. Try organizing soaps, spaghetti, and even fruit snacks for a different take on a storage bin. —Rachel Rosenthal, founder of Rachel and Company

The Refuel Station

I love creating coffee and tea stations, and this bamboo tea storage box is not only sustainable but stackable as well. Don’t forget to alternate your tea bags so you can fit more into one space! —Michelle Miller, founder of Ritual Living Co.

The See-Through Stack

I love these clear stackable pantry bins for three reasons: First, the adjustable dividers can accommodate all different types of dried and canned goods. Second, stacking them means you essentially double—or triple—your storage space. And third, unlike baskets, these clear containers let you know exactly what’s in each bin without having to pull them out and dig around. —Erica Thompson, founder of Organized by Design

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