uniqlo u crew neck short-sleeve t-shirt

I’ve been meaning to try the cult favorite Uniqlo u crew neck short-sleeve t-shirt for years and for whatever reason finally got around to ordering one last month. I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical that it would knock my socks off given so many white t-shirts are underwhelming and this particular one is only $15… but I’m pretty much telling you I don’t see why I’d need to buy any other white t-shirt ever again. It’s somehow both soft and thick, completely opaque (!!!), and more crisp than a lot of flimsier, more sheer white t-shirts I’ve tried in the past.

A note on sizing: I am typically a size XS and size up to a S in some styles, but I exchanged this t-shirt for a size M given it’s 100% cotton and a rather slim fit to begin with. It’s on the longer side for sure but I’ll mostly wear it tucked into jeans so I was less focused on the length than on getting the right fit everywhere else.

P.S. These photos are a result of me not being completely ready when Julia came over to take pictures so I brought the boys into our bathroom while I finished putting on makeup and I think they’re some of my favorite pictures in recent memory. Just a happy, ordinary moment in time in a simple outfit with my littlest loves. 

uniqlo u crew neck short-sleeve t-shirt 2
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