Planning a Weekend Getaway in New Orleans

Planning a Weekend Getaway in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most famous cities in the world, alongside the likes of Barcelona, New York and Paris. It is located along the great Mississippi River in the southeastern region of Louisiana, USA. With its diverse culture, incredible cuisines and magnificent architecture, the city should be at the top of your list as you plan your next weekend getaway.

The city is widely known for its distinctive culture, jazz music and for the iconic New Orleans streetcars, vintage-looking carriages have become a symbol of charm and romance for more than 150 years they’ve been operational. The 32-mile street railway starts in a street uptown and stretches all the way to Canal Street, making a few stops along St Charles Avenue, Loyola and Audubon Park.

If you need more reasons to visit New Orleans, here are a few of them.

Visit the French Quarter

The French Quarter is the oldest and most popular neighborhood in New Orleans. It is home to a few centuries-old buildings with beautiful little balconies wrapping around them. The neighborhood also serves as the roots of the city’s rich and unique culture, with museums, art galleries and amazing cuisines to go along with the soothing sounds of jazz music as you walk down the old streets.

Steamboat Tour on the Mississippi River

Like the streetcars, the Mississippi river boats have become permanently ingrained into the New Orleans culture. Your weekend getaway wouldn’t really be complete without a short cruise in one of these steam-powered paddle boats. They offer tour options for both night and day. Day tours generally involve sightseeing and learning more about the city’s history, while evening cruises are perfect for dinners, cocktails and live jazz music.

Jackson Square

If you are an art enthusiast, an afternoon stroll around Jackson Square would be a great way to start your weekend getaway. The park is located in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter and is just a few steps from the Mississippi river. It is surrounded by some of the oldest buildings in the city, housing various stores and restaurants. As you explore Jackson Square, you can take a few minutes to appreciate local artists who display their paintings, drawings and other works of art around the park.

St. Louis Cathedral

Founded in 1720, the St. Louis Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals in North America. It is one of the many architectural masterpieces in New Orleans and includes both Renaissance and Spanish Colonial architecture. Despite being over three centuries old, the cathedral is still in use, hosting masses every Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You can also visit the cathedral any other day for tours between 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

If you get hungry after exploring the city, it might be time to try some fantastic local cuisine. The city has a few signature dishes, including Creole gumbo, beignet doughnuts and Cajun jambalaya. You can also try out a muffaletta and po’boy sandwich if you are on a tight budget. New Orleans has something for everyone – whatever cuisine route you choose; every mouthful will have a flavor of the city’s unique melting pot.

So, have you ever been to New Orleans? If yes, leave us some recommendations of the best places and things to see in the city!

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