Our Favorite Products From Black-Owned Brands (Available Online, Too!)

Our Favorite Products From Black-Owned Brands (Available Online, Too!)

February is Black History Month. It’s also a great time to start shopping some of our favorite products from Black-owned brands—and continue to all year.

Shopping Black-owned businesses and turning to products from Black-owned brands is definitely not the only way to support the Black community, but it is a great step. Of course, you’re putting money directly towards supporting small businesses, which is always a win. Not only that, but by buying products from Black-owned brands, you’re also directly supporting more than just the brands. Black business owners, creators, employees, and consumers all benefit. How? By helping to redistribute resources and contributing to generational wealth. White businesses have always historically had more opportunities, starting with easier access to capital (and resulting in more opportunity for success and growth).

Obviously, our work doesn’t end with supporting Black-owned businesses. Donating to social justice organizations and educating ourselves continuously through anti-racist resources are also absolutely necessary. But it’s important to recognize the uphill battle Black entrepreneurs have faced and continue to face. Even just access to shelf space for products from Black-owned brands has been a massive issue. Organizations like the 15% Pledge are working with retailers to contractually commit 15% of their annual spend to Black-owned brands.

No matter what you’re looking for, from fashion, skincare, home goods, games, and tasty treats, there’s something for everyone in our list below. Your support can make a real tangible difference to these fantastic businesses. They’re some of our favorite products from Black-owned brands—not just for Black History Month, but year round. So get ready to do some serious scrolling, and remember to make sure you’re also seeking out Black-owned businesses in your own area!

Terminal B EZE Candle

Terminal B creates stunning scented candles inspired by destinations around the world (and cleverly named after airports). The packaging is gorgeous, the candles are double-wicked and hand-poured, and they smell ahhhhhmazing! (Valentine's Day gifts, anyone?)

Terminal B

Terminal B EZE Candle ($44.00)—Buy Now

Luna Magic Va Va Pink Lash Primer

Luna Magic knows lashes! Their Va Va Pink Lash Primer adds volume, length, and all-day wear to your lash routine. You've seen it on TikTok and Instagram, used by Kylie Jenner, and Shark Tank famous! Be sure to check out their beautiful faux mink lashes, too.

Luna Magic

Luna Magic Va Va Pink Lash Primer ($24.99)—Buy Now

Uncle Keith's Chocolate Thunder Gourmet Chili Hot Sauce

"All things spicy" is the Uncle Keith's entire vision, so you'll find ultra-flavorful sauces and condiments that they've created from San Diego. And, in case the Chocolate Thunder Gourmet Chili Hot Sauce didn't tip you off, their sauces aren't just the old run-of-the-mill flavors, either!

Uncle Keith's Chocolate Thunder Gourmet Chili Hot Sauce ($11.99)—Buy Now

Pardon My Fro Moisturizing Hair Milk

Pardon My Fro is a lifestyle brand "crafted specifically for women proud of their hair and their heritage." From home decor, apparel, bags, and PMF's new Hair Line available only at Walmart (for now), the entire brand celebrates founder Dana Bly's natural hair journey.

Pardon My Fro Moisturizing Hair Milk ($14.97)—Buy Now at Walmart.com

Mimish Teddy Bear Fur Beanbag

It's soft toy storage. It's a seat. It's an ottoman. It's decor. Mimish created versatile storage solutions, pillows, and kiddo's sleeping bag sets!

Mimish Teddy Bear Fur Beanbag ($149.00)—Buy Now

Loved01 Face + Body Oil

Founded by John Legend, Loved01’s mission is to celebrate melanin-rich skin and provide the love, care, and attention it deserves. These vegan products will help to balance, moisturize, and nourish melanin-rich skin from natural ingredients that have a history in communities of color, at an extremely affordable and accessible price!

Loved01 Face + Body Oil (($15.00)—Buy Now

FORVR Mood Spice of Life Candle

After years of creating content with beauty and self care products on her YouTube platform, Jackie Aina acquired a unique aesthetic and wanted to create products based on her passions. She created FORVR Mood to bring Black women the self care, luxury, spoiling feeling they deserve. We're beyond obsessed with their rich and beautiful candles!

FORVR Mood Spice of Life Candle ($38.00)—Buy Now

PROUDLY Soft & Absorbent Diapers

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade created PROUDLY after seeing a lack of options for children of color as they raised their four kids. With PROUDLY, Gabrielle and Dwyane's mission is to embrace and celebrate melanated babies by offering affordably-priced products with gentle, cleaner ingredients.

PROUDLY Soft & Absorbent Diapers ($17.99)—Buy Now

BRIC CashTouch Full Zip Sweater

BRIC offers elevated essentials fitted to individual body types that also express individual style. They're more than “big and tall”. BRIC is helping make men feel confident in what they wear. Less, “these sleeves are too short” or “my torso is too long for this,” and more fits that actually fit.

BRIC CashTouch Full Zip Sweater ($195.00)—Buy Now

Stay Golden Cosmetics So Bae Glitter Lip Kit

Stay Golden Cosmetics offers playful cosmetic products—from goodies made to ensure that you pop right out of your shell, to holistic skin and self care to ensure that you glow from within. Everything Stay Golden offers is fun, whimsical, bold, and rich—just like the people who wear it!

Stay Golden Cosmetics So Bae Glitter Lip Kit ($22.99)—Buy Now

The Guilty Grape Celebration Collection

The foundation of The Guilty Grape is inclusivity, celebration, and luxury. The TGG crew says this Peach Mango Sparkling wine tastes of crisp citrus, ripe sweet mango, and freshly picked peaches. Add the stunning amber wine glasses and you have a party for two!

The Guilty Grape Celebration Collection ($118.00)—Buy Now

Estella Girl Power Baby Gift Set

Created by a mom and pop team with 3 little ones of their own, Estella is a boutique baby shop based in NYC. It focuses on adorable and sustainable baby essentials from clothes to toys and keeps things practical, too. This isn’t your average stuffy baby boutique!

Estella Girl Power Baby Gift Set ($142.00)—Buy Now

Silver & Riley Executive Mini Bag

Silver & Riley products are made in Italy in the same factories, at the same costs, and through the same processes through which other luxury bag brands create their products, but Silver & Riley's are priced at a fraction of the cost. These are heirloom quality pieces that are just stunning!

Silver & Riley Executive Mini Bag ($545.00)—Buy Now

HIM-istry Naturals Restoring Shave + Skincare Regimen

Combining your shaving regimen and skincare routine, HIM-istry addresses dryness, breakouts, and more! Whether you’re a traditional wet shaver looking to upgrade, a bearded guy seeking hydration, or you struggle with irritable skin, HIM-istry has a grooming solution to meet anyone's needs.

HIM-istry Naturals Restoring Shave + Skincare Regimen ($67.99)—Buy Now

Bomba Curls Forbidden Hair Mask

Bomba Curls celebrates all textures and curls of natural hair, and is formulated without silicones, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, sulfates petroleums and no formaldehyde. Award-Winning Forbidden Hair Mask is an advanced, deep conditioning treatment that helps restore curl elasticity, moisture and shine!

Bomba Curls Forbidden Hair Mask ($24.99)—Buy Now

inala Triple Threat Tonic

Triple threat Tonic works on both wet and dry hair for all hair types and textures. Use it to prime wet hair, add shine and hold to sleek styles and refresh your hair between wash days. inala is made with cruelty-free ingredients that are designed to deeply nourish and strengthen hair. Each of their products does exactly that for multiple types of hair!

inala Triple Threat Tonic ($29.00)—Buy Now

Pow Adaptogens Wonder Matcha

Pow's Wonder Matcha combines adaptogens and functional mushrooms to increase focus and decrease stress. Made with incredible premium ceremonial grade, all organic matcha that is grown on the hillsides of Uji, Japan with naturally occurring L-theanine helps you stay focused longer, without using more caffeine or the unwanted jitters. Pow helps you feel good—not just in small bursts!

Pow Adaptogens Wonder Matcha ($33.00)—Buy Now

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