One-of-a-kind handcrafted Waldorf doll by Bamboletta

A few months before her 5th birthday, Nayou, my daughter, told me that she wanted a new doll. That was interesting because she had never asked for any specific toy before! She used to have a couple of classic baby dolls, but we ended up losing one of them during a move. That particular doll had similar features to hers. It was always my intention to replace that doll, but I never got around to actually doing it. Especially since she had plenty of other toys she liked to play with at that time.

Intrigued by her request, I asked her if she knew which doll she wanted, expecting her to bring up the missing doll. Instead she told me she would love to have a brown skin doll, “like you and I, Mama”, with blue eyes “like Dada” . She wanted her new doll to be a little girl, “like me” she said.  And, she had to have a cascade of rainbow colored curls!

It took me a few weeks of scouring the Internet, showing her doll after doll. But she rejected them one after the other because none of them was her doll.  She said she’d recognise her immediately if she saw her!

After a while I figured I would have to make her new toy myself — with my limited skills. So I started researching doll making kits, hoping to find one I could make over the summer. And that’s when I found her! A wonderful handmade little beauty, perfectly mirroring my daughter’s requirements and waiting to join our family! Some of the rainbow colors were missing but I figured I could easily add them myself. What a special gift this would make for her upcoming 5th birthday!

Nayou is now 6 years old. And her precious doll is lovingly known as Lavender (she sometimes get rainbow ties to her hair). This one-of-a-kind Waldorf-inspired doll was ethically handcrafted by Bamboletta, a wonderful company based in Vancouver, BC. The company uses local wool as well as raw hand-dyed and hand-spinned yarn. They also give a hug to each handmade before sending them off to their new home with their very own birth certificate and a set of clothes. Isn’t that lovely?

x Mariam

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