Life With A 16 Month Old

I cannot believe June is 16 months old!

In many ways, she seems so grown up and in many ways she is still just a baby. A lot of you have been asking me for more updates on what is going on with June so I thought I’d start a monthly series to share any new developments and what is working/not working for us. Please take this all with a grain of salt. As first time parents there is a lot of trial and error happening around the house but at the end of the day we have a toddler who sleeps through the night {most nights}, enjoys trying new foods, and seems generally happy and energetic so I can’t really complain.

Here are a few new(ish) developments that have been happening this month.

She Talks!

And I mean, the girl can TALK! June is constantly babbling in her own language. She holds her hand, or any object she can find, up to hear ear and chats away at her imaginary friends. In terms of actually speaking English {or Spanish}, June knows about 10 words in English and about 5 Spanish phrases thanks to our amazing, amazing nanny.

“No en la boca!”

June will still scream with frustration even when she knows the word for what she wants, but we try our best to calm her down, explain what is happening, and show her that she knows the words for what she needs or wants. She’s gotten pretty decent at sign language for “more” and “all done,” although sometimes she walks up to the pantry and gives the sign for “more” so I’m pretty sure she just thinks it means “food.”

Teething Time

June has gone in and out of teething phases and over the past month she’s had some pretty big back teeth cutting through. I’m always questioning if her moodiness is teething, but we can always tell by her #2 bathroom. If it’s runny then she’s definitely teething. The most frustrating part of teething is that it wakes poor June up sometimes in the middle of the night. Our poor girl is such a good little sleeper and it’s heartbreaking {for everyone, ha} when she wakes up in pain at 3am.


June finally took to a lovie! “Bunny” is June’s new favorite toy. All of the products that I have used and loved are added to my Baby Favorites list on Amazon. Outside of Bunny, June absolutely loves this water table we got for her. Even before we took it outside to the backyard she was playing with it inside for days.

She Bites!

June isn’t perfect (ha!). A few weeks ago she started biting us (argh). After hours of research, I learned to take notes for a few days to look for patterns. I learned, rather quickly, that June only bites when she is hungry or frustrated that we are taking her away from a toy. Most of the time she bites us around the 4pm hour and it’s just before snack time. She also, on occasion, bites Grant when he is tumbling around with her. We quickly say “no biting!” in a firm voice and immediately walk away for a few minutes (knowing she is in a safe space). We then come back to June and explain to her that biting hurts and that it is not allowed in our house. It’s definitely been getting a lot better and has only happened a few times since I bumped up her snack time and put her mini time-out into practice.

So there you have it, a few little updates from life with a 16 month old. Any fellow mamas out there have any tips on what is to come? Any fun new toys or products to share? Please leave a comment below!