How To Create The Perfect Safe Haven For Your Baby

Preparing for the addition to your family is an extremely exciting time. Washing tiny baby grows, stocking up on nappies, reading every baby book you can get your hands on, and more excitingly, dreaming of cherishing every moment with your newborn at home with you. As you know, newborns can’t really get themselves into danger so to speak, but it’s important to prepare your home so that as your baby grows, you can rest assured that your bundle of joy is growing up in a safe environment. Check out these tips on how to create the perfect safe haven for your baby.

As always when it comes to safety, prevention is key. Putting the effort in now will help prevent you from having to soothe your baby if they accidentally hurt themselves. While minor bumps or bruises are a part of growing up (and we all go through it), there are still a lot of things you can do to lower the chance of your child seriously hurting themselves.

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Think about sharp edges

First and foremost you should be looking around your home at edges and corners that your baby could potentially hurt themselves on. You can buy corner bumpers that will help round off a sharp corner and prevent your child from a nasty cut (and if anyone is going to find a sharp edge or corner, it’ll be your children).

Wherever possible, when buying new furniture you should go for rounded edges and smoother finishes so that when your child is playing, the chance of them hurting themselves badly is dramatically reduced.

Electrical outlets are a no go

We don’t need to tell you how dangerous electrics are, and unfortunately in most cases, electrical outlets are situated low enough for tiny hands to make their way into. You’ll need to acquire the right tools to baby-proof your electrical sockets. If you’re not DIY minded and want to make your life as easy as possible, investing in tools that will make your life easier will help you in the long run (especially when baby-proofing your home) such as a cordless screwdriver to attach socket covers. You can get get more information on how tools can make your life easier when baby proofing your home.

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Create their own little space

Whether you’re planning on working from home to take care of your baby, or you’re simply looking for a safe space in your home that you can put your baby in whilst you grab some food or visit the bathroom, it’s a really great idea to create a space that’s just for the baby. No sharp corners, no electrics, nothing they can reach that will hurt them. Why not build a playpen in the room you spend the most time in, and line the walls and floors with padded cushions or foam so that on those rare occasions you have to have time to yourself, you know baby is safe! Here are some fantastic ideas for homemade play pens.

Keep chemicals in an out-of-reach position

Did you know that children of the age of 5 and under are more susceptible to chemical poisoning? It’s so easy to shove the bleach underneath your bathroom sink ready for the next time you use it. However, one swift move from a curious baby could have dire consequences and as you’ll learn, babies and children put everything in their mouths – even when it tastes horrible!

Build yourself a lockable cabinet in your bathroom to put any chemicals that could be harmful to your children in. Here’s a mega useful and in-depth guide on how to make a cabinet yourself! By keeping chemicals in a locked cabinet you will dramatically reduce the chance of your little cherub ingesting something very dangerous. It is perfect for your safe haven.

Look out for potential obstacle courses

One thing you have to look out for as a parent is potential obstacle courses. If there’s something they can climb upon, under, or around, it’s going to be very appealing to your baby. Wherever possible, avoid placing furniture that will allow them to climb too high. You should also look out for possessions that could be used for less than what they’re intended for such as TV remotes as a chew toy or soil from your potted plant as food. By removing as many things as you can see would be potentially harmful, you’re creating the perfect safe haven for your baby.

Lastly, enjoy every second of the whirlwind journey you’re about to embark on!

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