Gear to Get You Through the Pandemic: Our Portland Editor’s Guide

Staying at home for months on end has had us all online, and shopping online, a lot more. Our Portland Editor Annette Benedetti feels us. A full-time, working mom with three kids, we asked Annette for her top 12 products that have gotten her through the pandemic, the summer, and beyond. Read on to hear more from Annette.

With three kid ages 10, 15 and 18 (yes, she’s still a kid), and a full time, at-home work load, the last handful of months have forced me to get creative with my home life. Turning our backyard into an entertainment area, gearing up for lots of camping time and keeping our in-home entertainment system on point has made all of the difference. I know Portlanders love to support one another so I’m  giving you the scoop on the things that have been most helpful for my family. Scroll through to find my favorite backyard toys, camping gear, indoor entertainment and office items and more. I hope it gives you the inspo you need to get through another week!

Photo: Kelly Sikkima via Unsplashed

Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float with Glitters

Having a pool in our back yard certainly helps keeping the kids entertained, but a pool isn't enough. They need floaties and toys to keep them entertained for hours (yes, even at 18). This fun inflatable is Portlandy, hip and super fun for kids of all ages. Who doesn't want to ride  unicorn? 

Get yours here.

Intex Floating Swimming Pool Toy Volleyball Game

Floating is fun, but you gotta keep your kids active. Stick this in your backyard pool and your kids will enjoy playing Volleyball while staying cool all day long.

Get it here for $30.00

Sun Bum Sunscreen

Getting the kids outside is the best way to keep our household sane, and protecting their skin from the sun is always top-of-mind. We order multiple bottles of Sun Bum Sunscreen at a time. It's mineral-based, SPF 50, and fast and easy to apply.

You can buy it here for $13.97

4 Person Beach Tent Sun Shelter

This sun shelter tent is one of my favorite pieces of outdoor equipment. It comes in handy whether we are relaxing at a park, hanging out on one of our local beaches, or having a picnic in our front yard. It's easy to put together and keep mom and dad sheltered from the elements while they watch their kiddos play.

You can buy it here for $69.99.

SUNWILL Insulated Wine Tumbler

There's nothing like enjoying a glass of sparkling wine while kicking back in the sun and watching the kids laugh and play. These no-shatter tumblers are insulated and minimize splashing and spilling. Ok, so you can use them for coffee too. They keep hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. Cheers!

You can get one here for $9.99


Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Every member of your family will enjoy relaxing and swinging in this Hammock. It's lightweight, easy to set up, and perfect for nighttime stargazing.

You can buy it here.

200-Piece Professional First Aid Kit

The kids home full-time means lots of active outside time and tons of tiny accidents. From tumbles off bikes to splinters in toes, I can't express how important having a fully stocked First Aid Kit at home has been. This 100-piece set has everything you need and more, which means fewer trips to the store.

You can get one here for $29.99.

Kids Headphones with Microphone

I'm a busy momma who needs silence to work well. These headphones were the answer to my kids' digital time whoas. Now they can sit right next to me while I work and watch shows on their devices, and I don't hear a thing.

You can buy one here for around $14.99.


Unicorn Faux Fur Desk Chair

Are you even a real Portland mom if you don't have one of these? Home office's don't have to be dull. Oh...yeah, they work for you kids' new school desk setup too. It never hurts to brighten things up with some color.

You can buy one here for $108



–Annette Benedetti


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