41 Times People Came Across Tiny Objects That Were So Cute, They Just Had To Share Them In This Dedicated Online Group

41 Times People Came Across Tiny Objects That Were So Cute, They Just Had To Share Them In This Dedicated Online Group

The internet – what a great thing. 

It gives you the ability to communicate and share things. You can find heaps of information on pretty much any topic under the sun. You get easy access to contact info for any business or/and the person you need. You can sell things and make good money, access banking, and pay your bills. And don't forget about everyone's favorite – online shopping!

That point is, the web continues to be one of the most incredible technologies, giving people access to limitless knowledge and life-simplifying applications. However, let's also not forget how generous it is in its entertainment field! 

YouTube, podcasts, music streaming, socials, eBooks, and a variety of movies and TV shows that you can find pre-recorded, on-demand, downloadable, or even streaming live. Oh, and online communities that dedicate their content to pics of miniature items!

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#1 Ants, Kittens... Same Difference

Image credits: u/moosypooper

What is this, a subreddit for ants?? This sub is all about tiny things for ants, be they centers, phones, tiny violins, and the list goes on and on. Collect tiny thingsLet's see your collectionFound or made something smallTake a picture of it! Want to make something minusculeGo for it!” Well, well, well, those of you who are absurdly obsessed with tiny things, consider yourselves lucky because today we’ll be focusing on an online community that some might dub, dare I say, cuteness paradise. Or is it just me? 

The "Things For Ants" subreddit was created back in March 2013, and since then it has managed to gain a pretty significant following of over 371K members. FYI, if you'd like to get the best of both worlds, the group also has a sister subreddit called "Three Times Bigger" that, you guessed it, dedicates its postings to abnormally large objects. 

Now, before we jump in and discuss why miniature things tend to bring so much joy to people, let's look at the group's guidelines, as who knows, maybe you have some teeny-weeny things lying around your house that you want to proudly show off.

#2 What Is This, A Hallway For Ants?

Image credits: u/xopastelprincess

First things first, once you scroll down to the rules, there's a little motto waiting to pump you up: "Tiny things are cool. You are cool for being here!"

The subreddit then advises any interested parties to follow the Reddiquette; we all know how evil the internet can be, so be civil! The moderators also state that both found images and original content is welcome – however, you need to be sure that whatever you're about to post falls under a few specific points. 

The object in question, ideally, should be small enough for ants, but generally speaking, if it's smaller than one would expect, then you're good to go. No human-sized items are allowed; plus, they also urge people to refrain from posting things with literal ants on them. And finally, no giant things or repeated posts, such as that little Tabasco sauce bottle that seems to be quite popular amongst tiny-object lovers.

#3 My Sisters Boyfriend Knows She Likes Miniatures And Proposed To Her With A Tiny Ring (He Got Her A Real Ring, Of Course)

Image credits: u/TruffleShuffleKing

#4 My Mom Texted Me This Picture Today And Said "This Is For That Miniature Blog You Like" ?

Image credits: u/CanofVeggies

There's no denying that the human brain is a very intricate thing.

We're complex creatures that are both different yet still somewhat the same – however, there's one thing that we yearn for the most, and that's happiness. Of course, many might argue that there are other things to worry about, but that doesn't change the fact that we live in such a fast-paced environment that we often need to catch a break. And is there a better way to do it than to have those happy hormones flowing?

Baby animals and human babies, Fridays, delicious foods, sleeping in and, well, tiny things all fall into the category of universally liked things. But despite how much we all like to lie in bed for an extra hour or two, we can probably all agree that this obsession with small things is a tad bit random.

#5 A Literal Ant Holding An Actual Ant Sized Spoon!!! (Not Oc, Someone Else’s Tweet But I Had To Share) Hot!

Image credits: u/mjperezmurillo

#6 I See Your Tiny Origami Crane, So Here Are My Tiny Origami Dragons!

Image credits: u/AwesomeDragon101

So, what's the science behind this odd trait of ours?

There're plenty of theories/studies floating around the web, but this article from REAL SIMPLE managed to collect a few that make the most sense.

The so-called awe factor basically comes down to us wondering how something that's usually big can be made in such a tiny size; perhaps it's its non-threatening appeal, or maybe it brings us joy because it's a symbolic thing for the stuff that we can't afford (you know, like starting a collection of expensive car miniatures). The point is, there are many possible explanations as to why we find it all so stinkin' cute – however, it all depends on the person's inner needs.

#7 It's My Cake Day And I Wanna Celebrate With Rainbow Cake For Ants! ?

Image credits: u/WeAreClouds

#8 What The Heck Is This??? A Mini Treehouse For Ants?!

Image credits: u/lancgo

#9 What Is This? A Soda Can For Ants?

Image credits: u/reinajaponesa

Although gazing at mini objects doesn't go to the same it's-so-cute-I-want-to-bite-it extent as it usually does for babies, puppies and kittens, one thing we can all probably agree on is that a single picture of a tiny thing will most definitely cure your midweek blues.

#10 What Is This A Pepper For Ants?!?!

Image credits: u/MelvinDou

#11 My Bountiful Tomato Harvest

Image credits: u/[deleted]

#12 What Are These, Candy Canes For Ants?

Image credits: u/Iamdickburns

Bored Panda hopes that you've enjoyed this cutesy collection of teeny-weeny things from the "Things For Ants" subreddit. Don't hesitate to give them a follow! Oh, and which picture is your favorite? Let us know!

#13 What Is This? A Frog For Ants?

Image credits: u/Atauysal

#14 What Is This, A Bunny Rabbit For Ants?

Image credits: u/tasos500


Image credits: sielju

#16 What Is This? A Theatre For Ants?

Image credits: u/[deleted]

#17 I Keep Seeing Tomatoes On Here. I Present To You, Cucumber For Ants!

Image credits: u/ElsaRavenWillie

#18 What Is This? A Dinosaur For Ants?

Image credits: u/Dubi0usD0rkl0rd


Image credits: kyanamariee

#20 What Is This? Hamsters For Ants?

Image credits: u/redfancydress

#21 What Is This, A Whale For Ants?

Image credits: u/AlbertFischerIII

#22 What Is This? Quarantine For Ants?

Image credits: u/jillieboobean

#23 Teeny Tiny Fork

Image credits: u/teetawn1992

#24 What Is This? A Bakery For Ants?

Image credits: u/Sheazeit420

#25 My Ant Is Constantly Loosing Her Glasses

Image credits: u/Thehyperbalist

#26 What Is This, A Pumpkin Candy Bucket For Ants?!

Image credits: u/doggodone

#27 What Is This? A Toy For Ants?

Image credits: u/[deleted]

#28 Oh Goodness, I Over Shopped! Who Else Goes To The Grocery Store And Impulse Buys?! I Knew I Should Have Eaten Breakfast Before Leaving The House!?

Image credits: u/MyMiniatureLife

#29 My Mom Bought A Kiddie Pool Online But Didn’t Check The Size

Image credits: u/jacksrv

#30 What Is This, Innuendo For Ants?

Image credits: u/fairchildart

#31 What Is This, A Shovel For Ants?

Image credits: u/Joshilvock

#32 What Is This? A Sandwich Bag For Ants? ?

Image credits: u/Pie_thagorus

#33 What Is This, A Cannon For Ants??

Image credits: u/Bastidgeson

#34 What Is This, A Computer For Ants?

Image credits: u/generic_von_erich


Image credits: JelianMercado


Image credits: gr0ssmango

#37 What Is This, An Asparagus Farm For Ants?

Image credits: u/jaykirsch

#38 What Is This, Marketing For Ants?

Image credits: u/edsrrn

#39 I Built A Mini Imac (That Works!) Oc

Image credits: u/PhantomSpectre

#40 What Is This, A Packet For Ants?

Image credits: u/ExpertInBirdLaw-v2

#41 What Is This? A Restaurant For Ants?

Image credits: u/chochy

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