16 Items You Should Be Buying On Amazon

Amazon offers easy savings and convenience on thousands of items, delivered right to your door! Check out the 16 items you should always (or almost always) buy on Amazon!

amazon boxes

Do you love shopping Amazon?

For many of us, Amazon offers easy savings (and convenience) on thousands of items, delivered right to our door. But it's important to know what items really are great prices, and which items are worth heading to your local store for.

My general rule of thumb is to check Amazon for anything I would make a quick trip to Walmart for, because so many items end up being less money, with no stress. I love that!

16 items you should (almost always) buy on Amazon:

toilet paper

1. Toilet Paper

Amazon consistently offers great prices on toilet paper, just about every single day. While these savings may not be quite as good as shopping at your local grocery store with a coupon (although often they win!), they are frequently less than Sam's Club or Costco, plus you get the convenience of having them delivered to your door!

To make sure you're getting the best price, scan the “$.xx/count” on this page for the lowest price per count and check for any extra coupons they're offering. I usually like to pay less than 2¢ per square foot.

TIP: I almost always keep my order of Quilted Northern priced at 46¢ per double roll when you choose to subscribe and save. It stays around that price almost all the time, and while I occasionally find better deals with coupons, this is a great price and I don't have to worry about hunting down a deal!)


2. Diapers, Swim Diapers, & Pull Ups

Amazon's prices on diapers are so good, unless you get a crazy fun deal at the drug stores using coupons. However, I've often calculated Amazon's price per diaper and found them to beat even prices at local stores after coupons, so it's definitely worth watching for their sales! To find the best price, do the math to find the lowest price per diaper on size 1 diapers HERE, and know that your price will go up per size.

TIP: Typically I aim to find a deal priced around 10¢ per Size 1 diaper for Luvs, or 12¢ per diaper for Huggies or Pampers – after coupons and Amazon's subscribe and save program.

baby feet

3. Baby Wipes

Occasionally local grocery stores offer a great price on smaller packed wipes after a high value coupon. However, you can usually find baby wipes on Amazon from 1¢ to 2¢ per wipe after you subscribe and save (and clip any eligible coupons they have available.) If you have babies or small children and go through large quantities of baby wipes, this is a great (easy!) way to save!

Note: On Amazon subscribe and save items, you'll need to subscribe to shipment for an item, but can cancel your subscription once your order arrives in the subscription section of your Amazon account. I usually set mine to ship 6 months apart so I have plenty of time to cancel an order if I need to!

pink book

4. Books

Amazon has fantastic prices on most books just about every day (especially when they have their special book promotions!), and if you don't mind buying used you can save a bundle on those as well! However, be sure to note shipping prices on used books as those sometimes negate the savings on the book themselves.

Go HERE to search Amazon's extensive book selection (Interested in the book above? Check out Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley. It's a fantastic read with lots of practical tips!).

TIP: Prefer listening to books? New Audible customers with an Amazon Prime account can try Audible completely free and get a free audiobook download credit!


5. Blu-Rays & DVDs

There are hundreds of deals every day on DVDs and Blu-Ray movies on Amazon, and you can find a huge selection available for less than $5! These often go up and down in price, so be sure to follow the PPP Facebook page to keep up with quick price breaks when they happen.

Laurie holding Estee Lauder

6. Department Store Makeup

If you wear department store makeup (Estée Lauder, Clinique, Lancome, etc), and an item you need is not part of a special free gift promotion, Amazon is a great way to easily get your makeup.

I order my Estée Lauder foundation from them just about all the time (my one big splurge!), mostly because it saves me a trip to the mall and it's just convenient. Plus, some brands are eligible for subscribe & save, which will save you an additional 5-15% with free shipping!

cover girl

7. Drug Store Brand Makeup

If you're a fan of brands like CoverGirl, L'Oreal, Wet n Wild, Almay, or Revlon, Amazon has a huge selection of makeup that goes on sale pretty heftily every month with their special coupons and promotions.

Plus, many brands are eligible for subscribe & save, which will save you an additional 5-15% with free shipping! I usually can't beat those savings even with coupons, so this is a great convenient way for me to save without leaving my house!


8. Personal Care Items

If you watch Amazon's extra coupon savings, they regularly have clippable coupons on shampoo, conditioner, feminine care products, body wash, and more. By watching for those savings, I've gotten them on sale for substantially less than I would pay at Walmart, and of course love that they bring them to my door!

To grab these savings, be sure to bookmark our Amazon page! They don't happen all the time, but if you subscribe to PPP daily emails I'll be sure to alert you when I see these savings.

hand holding pencils

9. Select Office Supplies

You can often find crazy low prices on writing utensils and office supplies during back to school season. However, Amazon does offer some great deals on select items if you know what to look for. In fact, I've seen fantastic prices on Elmer's Glue, Bic writing supplies, Ticonderoga pencils, graphing calculators, and more (be sure to watch for $10 off $25 writing utensils promotions that roll around!).

cleaning supplies

10. Select Cleaning & Household Products

There are dozens of household & cleaning items that Amazon offers high value coupons on each month, which offer some great savings (and prices just about always less than Sam's or Costco – so you don't need a membership!). Here are a few of my favorite household deals that you can grab:


11. Toys & Games

There are typically great deals on toys and games, but it's worth taking a few minutes to do some research before ordering. I usually compare the Amazon prices to those at Walmart and Kohl's to verify they really are a great deal, but most of the time Amazon either meets or exceeds their savings.

You can also check out CamelCamelCamel.com to see a price history of items on Amazon to know if you're really getting the best price (just be sure to check Amazon's price drops and not 3rd party sellers).

laurie's dog

12. Pet Toys & Treats

I have consistently found great prices on pet toys and treats on Amazon, compared to the crazy high price you'll often see at specialty pet stores. If you're curious, our dog's favorite toy is this one – he loves it!

I haven't seen decent savings on pet food (although some folks have told me to watch for good prices on dog and cat food too?), but if you're looking for just toys or treats you can save a bundle.


13. Housewares & Kitchen Items

Not every item at Amazon is always at the lowest price in their housewares department, but if you do a little research you can often get great prices by waiting for a deal. I've purchased most of my Pyrex, all of my pots and pans, and of course my Crockpot when they've been deeply discounted on Amazon.

Not sure how to find the best deal? I watch Amazon deals every day for you – go HERE to see a running list, and subscribe to free daily emails so you never miss these deals!

life cereal

14. Grocery Items

I love being able to shop for back to school snacks, grocery items, and pantry staples on Amazon and have them delivered to my door. In fact, I often stock up on Gatorade, fruit snacks, chips, lunchbox fillers, cereal, and other pantry staples on Amazon and pay less than what I would at the store!


15. Clothing

If you're looking for cheap cute clothes you can shop for online, Amazon offers lots of fun, trendy items with great prices! Plus, I love that shipping is fast, provide tons of reviews and photos to help you decide, and the return policy is fantastic (I love that you can return clothing at your local Kohl's!).

Check out tons of my favorite Amazon clothing pieces HERE! (If you're looking for other clothing options, I love Stitch Fix! However, it is less affordable and not for everyone.)

16. Gift Cards

Amazon occasionally offers special Deal of the Day Gift Card deals (especially around the holidays!), which typically will save $5-$10 off a $50 gift card. Combine those savings with a restaurant coupon and it can really add up!


Other ways to save on Amazon:

Shop Daily Deals

Amazon has fantastic Deals of the Day available daily, and they just about always offer them for the lowest price that sale item has ever dropped to. Go HERE to see today's daily deals.

Watch for Daily Lightning Deals

In addition to Amazon's Daily Deals, they also have Lightning deals that last just a few hours each day with a limited supply, and can offer some pretty substantial savings. Plus, if you're a Prime member, you'll get access to these deals 30 minutes before they go live to everyone else. Go HERE to see those deals.

Grab Completely Free eBooks

Amazon has hundreds (hundreds!) of free ebooks available every day – go HERE to see what's included today. Plus, Amazon Prime members get to choose TWO free Kindle Books every month through their First Reads program. These eBooks are usually valued at $5 each or more!

Watch Free movies courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

If you're an Amazon Prime member (you can try it completely free here!), you can stream hundreds of free movie and tv shows from your computer, or even on the Amazon Prime Video App. I use this almost every morning at the gym (have watched Downton Abbey, Parenthood, and dozens of movies on it), and love that I don't have to have a separate Netflix account to watch these.

Having Amazon Prime definitely makes me more apt to use Amazon (which saves me running out for just one item when I need it), and is a huge time saver for me. I do think you can sometimes get better deals if you have time to use coupons matched up with the sales ad, but often Amazon works for me! What else would you add to the list, or what items do you think don't work for you? Leave a comment to share – I love hearing from you!



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