105 Hilarious Posts About Bunnies That Show They’re Not As Sweet And Innocent As They Look (New Pics)

105 Hilarious Posts About Bunnies That Show They’re Not As Sweet And Innocent As They Look (New Pics)

Is there anything cuter than a tiny little bunny? So fluffy, so round, so soft, so… wait, no! Get it away from the internet cable! Aw damn… You know, bunnies aren’t all that innocent. Quite frankly, they may be the tiniest little spawns of hellfire you can come across. Just like an entity showing itself as a small innocent girl to gain your trust, the bunny is employing the same tactic. 

The Facebook group called “Bunnies are [Jerks]” has united 186.7K happy rabbit owners and allowed them to share the darkest and most annoying things their little fluffballs get up to. We’ve covered this group before, and you can find our previous article here

As always, upvote your favorite chaos buns, leave some comments, mayhaps share your own experiences with owning a rabbit, and let’s all have a jolly good time! Without further ado, let’s hop right in! 

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#1 Frank And The Hole In The Carpet He Chewed

Image credits: Tracy Van Zante

It’s hard to fathom that something that looks so innocent can hold such chaotic evil within. Such animalistic vigor, such disregard for another. Yes, we are speaking about bunny rabbits today, and yes, they are horrendously unpredictable fluffy buns of happiness. Or suffering. Or maybe both if you’re into that kind of thing; we don’t judge! 

The kinds of people who for one reason or another decided that owning a bunny was gonna be sunshine and happiness, but then later found out it was an unending loop of uncertainty and chaos, have come together to form a hub and share their experiences. It’s very fondly called “Bunnies Are [Jerks]” and it houses 186.7K members on Facebook. But we’re here for buns, not numbers. 

#2 He Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

Image credits: Nico Jan

#3 Where Did You Even Find That Cord?? What Does It Go To?? Why?!?!?

Image credits: Molly Kate Sullivan

Now, if the title, the intro, and the first couple of paragraphs, as well as the first couple of posts, haven’t deterred you from owning a rabbit, then consider these little facts. As stated by the Humane Society of the United States, they’re the third most popular pet in the country after dogs and cats, yet they’re quite misunderstood. 

“House rabbits can live to be 8 to 12 or more years old. With proper care, a rabbit will grace your home with love, sass, and comic relief. But they’re definitely not starter pets that can live in a cage. Instead, they are delicate prey animals that require time, attention, special diet, and expensive vet care,” Red Door Animal Shelter Vice President Toni Greetis told Insider.

#4 Caught In The Act!!! She Thought We Weren't Looking, But Still Had The Camera On Her And Ready To Take The Picture

Image credits: Christina Reddick

#5 This Is How She Feels About Us Not Sharing Our Breakfast With Her!

Image credits: Bonnie Hudson

#6 “You Seem Bored, Human. Better Make A Mess Of The Toiletbox”

Image credits: Mona Haas

In veterinary terms, rabbits are considered exotic animals, so you’ll need to find a specialized vet to care for your fluffy friend. This can quickly become quite expensive. Furthermore, a rabbit’s diet is highly specialized, regardless of what you think Bugs Bunny taught you. Give them lots of space, don’t bathe them, and don’t pick them up to hold them. 

Lastly, as seen in the majority of these posts, you’ll need to rabbit-proof any rooms your bun has access to, as most buns love to chew and dig. If you have lots of plants in your house, you’ll need to move them up high, especially as some plants could be toxic to your rabbit. Baseboards, doorframes, loose bits of carpeting, leather couches, foam, plastic, and anything made out of wood are all attractive to the bunny. 

#7 Jerk’s Favorite Snacks:

Image credits: Bunnies are Arseholes

#8 After He Ate Nearly This Entire Container Of Play-Doh That Our Daughter Let Him Have On Friday, I Spent The Weekend Tearfully Following Him Around With Water And Food

Image credits: Angel Dawn

#9 I Can't Figure Out Who Done All This

Image credits: Sophia Hede

Some negative bunny behaviors are more normal than others, and it’s important for owners to be able to tell the difference. According to Dana Krempels, Ph.D., from the University of Miami Department of Biology, digging on the carpet or other floor surfaces, chewing on baseboards or wall corners and cords, as well as urinating in corners not designated by a litter box are all normal behaviors. 

“Sometimes a rabbit will learn that a ‘normal’ behavior elicits a negative reaction—and remember, negative attention is still attention—from the caregiver, and so will use it to get attention,” she said. Aside from the craving for attention, health issues could also trigger certain bad behaviors, so if that is suspected, one should bring the rabbit to the vet for a checkup. 

#10 My Sassy Girl Decided To Help Herself To My Drink

Image credits: Heather Muneio-Smith

#11 That Sad Face Cause I Was The Horrible Bun Mum Who Took Away His Spicy Hay .... The Spicy Hay In Question My WiFi Router Wires That I Now Have To Wait 2 Weeks For Replacements

Image credits: Chelle McLachlan

#12 She Only Rips Pieces From The Wall And Litters Them On The Floor, She Does Not Eat Them. She, Along With Her Husbun Teddy, Choose Destruction Over Any Toy Or Bunny Treat Offered

Image credits: Emily Carpenter Schultz

Boredom is the leading factor for bunny misbehavior. “Providing lots of enrichment to promote natural behaviors—like clean cardboard boxes with two door holes cut in the sides to chew on and run through, parrot-safe chew toys or jingly toys, paper towel tubes stuffed with hay or other treats, etc.—will help curb destructive urges brought on by boredom,” said Dr. Krempels. Getting the rabbit a friend to entertain them could be a good option, too! 

Keep in mind that it’s not always possible to “train” a rabbit not to engage in destructive behaviors, either. “Rather than training a rabbit not to engage in natural ‘destructive’ behaviors, the caregiver should provide an outlet for those natural behaviors that doesn’t tear down the house,” said Dr. Krempels. 

#13 Latest Wigs Added To Their Collection… These Ones Are From Our Lovely Living Room Pillows

Image credits: Chloé Yin

#14 Dropped Deaded After Spending A Whole Morning Chewing My Carpet... Life Is So Exhausting

Image credits: Nanda Terpstra

#15 After A Gruelling Day Of Rabbiting, Fletcher The Lagomorph Arseholious Collapsed In A Heap, Rests. This 4lb Ball Of Furry Fuzz Will Take No More Than 60 Winks Before Awakening To Recommence His Crusade Against Wires, Soft Furnishings And The Golden Retriever

Image credits: Kerry Scott

Just like any other living creature, bunnies need a certain amount of care and attention, as well as time. But remember, they’re still animals that will behave more on instinct than logic, and you have to be okay with that. At least they’re cute and fluffy, and that should make up for any damage caused around the house! 

As you continue scrolling through this list, make sure you upvote your faves and leave some comments, and I shall hope to see you in the very near future! Stay fabulously chaotic, dear readers, and have a good one!

#16 This Little Baby Scare The Sh*t Out Of Me ( Don’t Worry Hooman, I’m Just Sleeping )

Image credits: Yaeka Kun

#17 In Bed And All I Can Hear Is The Little Worm Chewing Something. A Minute Or 2 Goes By. So I Get Up To See What He Is Eating And He Has Found A Banana

Image credits: Chantelle Warrington

#18 Boris Is Angry Because I Stopped Petting Him

Image credits: Iris Marlowe

#19 I Was Trying To Eat My Breakfast

Image credits: John Snygg

#20 I Did Not Poo On The Couch. It Was Like That When I Got Here, Honest!

Image credits: Marcel Anthony Wade Wilson

#21 Spring Is Definitely In The Air And Cocoa Is Feeling A Bit Frisky! Yep, He’s Sitting On Marsha’s Face

Image credits: Florence & Cocoa

#22 This Arsehole Steels All The Food From Her Buddy, And Refuses To Lose Weight. She Was Not Amused That We Had To Weigh Her

Image credits: Daniël Visser

#23 They Get Along Sooo Well !!! And The Pup Is A Living Vacuum Cleaner! I Have To Stop Her Eating All The Arseholes Droppings!

Image credits: Tiffany Marie

#24 So My Curious Little Jazz Decided To Nibble At Some Dried Chillies This Week

Image credits: Cassie Kemp

#25 So I Go Out And Come Back To This Little Arsehole (Waffle) Having Eaten A Hole In A Box Of Budweiser

Image credits: Karen Evans

#26 Our Bunny Attacked My Daughters Barbie And Here She Is Pretending To Know Nothing About It

Image credits: Venesa Jovanova

#27 Her Faces After Being Caught Are My Favorite, Total Drama Queen

Image credits: Hilary Rose

#28 Move Your Feet Lose Your Seat In This House

Image credits: Taylor Teixeira

#29 I Think Someone Is Plotting My Death

Image credits: Colleen Versackas

#30 He Earned Arsehole Status Within 2 Hours And Has Not Stopped Since. Box Of New Toys - Ignored. Wallpaper And Mat Eaten. Sofa Chewed

Image credits: Laura Elizabeth

#31 She's Not Happy With The Service At This Place

Image credits: Kajsa Mattsson

#32 Got Yelled At Twice For Eating The Window Ledge (And Proceeded To Continue After The Photo)

Image credits: Christine Ly

#33 The Art (My Bedside Table) And The Artist (Boo) This Is The Result Of Many Months Work

Image credits: Alisha Ward

#34 Zaza Pretty Much Only Loves The Do

Image credits: Kia Lydia

#35 I Suspect He Got A Little Too Much Spice When He Was Destroying My Phone Charger Yesterda

Image credits: Marti Austin

#36 Oh Dad, You’re Trying To Sleep? Let Me Just Lay Right Here…

Image credits: Stacy Gandy Parker

#37 Introducing To You 'The Matching Arsehole Rabbit & Kitty Crew'

Image credits: Ruby Gabrielle

#38 Let Them Run Free They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said

Image credits: Stine Emilie PetersenLet them run free they said. It will be fun they said.

#39 There's A Reason There's A Blanket Here

Image credits: Stephen Carlin

#40 I Know You're Trying To Get Work Done Mom, But I Wanna Play Dead And Give You A Heart Attack ? (Don't Worry, He's Fine. I Checked Multiple Times)

Image credits: Katie Buechler

#41 More Treats Grandpa!!

Image credits: Kel Lee

#42 Yes We've Made A Mess....we Aim To Please. Jessica And Ruby Rabbit

Image credits: Michelle Heider

#43 A Girl's Best Friend. When He Isn't Being An Arsehole He Is So Sweet

Image credits: Kelly Franks Tedrow

#44 Dasher After Crawling Down My Daughters Lap, Across 2 Dogs (Afraid To Move) And Up On To My Stomach

Image credits: Amanda Weide

#45 Meet Owen Wilson. He Decided To Go Through My Lunch Bag After I Came Home From Work

Image credits: Teresa A Pierce

#46 One Of My 13 Week Old Arseholes On Top Of Their Bed In A Space They Shouldn't Be

Image credits: Michelle Gardiner

#47 Hank Is Very Proud Of Himself After Biting Holes In A Blanket He Thought Was "Attacking" My Daughter...... He's So Proud

Image credits: Derek Bevis

#48 Sleeping On The Job! This Arsehole Had One Job, One Day Every Other Week, Therapy Bun!

Image credits: Adriana Hackett

#49 Here's A Pic Of Mine Who Decides He Wants To Lay In His Litter Box Every Time It's Box Cleaning Day Bcuz Heaven Forbid I Steal His Poop

Image credits: Kara Shaffer

#50 Johnny Cashew Pushed Taterchip The Pig Out Of The Way To Get The Veggies First. He Hurt The Poor Piggies Feelings

Image credits: Destiny Poteete

#51 Guess Who Got Into The Pantry In The Night. Door Opens Outwards And Is Blocked Off. Face Of Pure Innocence. I'm Almost Disappointed He Doesn't Have White Powder Around His Nose

Image credits: Amy Rowe

#52 Giant Rabbits Invade! Just Want To Take A Nibble On The Apple Tree

Image credits: Karl Henrik Rennstam

#53 On The Left Is A Picture Of My Now Deceased Father That He Gave Us All A Print Of After A Business Trip That I Have No Other Copies Of (Yes My Dad Was A Ham Lol). On The Right Is The Ahole Who Decided That Picture Was A Good Snack

Image credits: Katherine Sauriol

#54 Finding A Fresh Chocolate On Your Pillow Isn’t Always Luxurious

Image credits: Jessica Errington

#55 My Bun Oliver, Who My Husband Calls Him Prince Ollie Since He Won’t Eat His Greens From A Plastic Dish Only On My Finest Porcelain Plate

Image credits: Heather Rella

#56 I Don’t Even Have To Explain Myself Here… This Is Exactly What It Looks Like

Image credits: Melissa Chan

#57 This Is Barlow. Barlow Was Neutered But Would Pee Every Time He Hopped On My New Couch - So I Banned Him From Going On The Couch. Barlow Has Big Ears But Didnt Like To Listen

Image credits: Melissa Chan

#58 This Is Fleetwood - Hopefully Soon To Be Hubby Of Ghost Malone

Image credits: Bunny Te-Wake

#59 Mr. Bruce Is A Rather Portly Fella Who Can't Always Reach His Cecotropes, Which Results In A Nightmarish Backside...and A Bath! Here He Is Attempting To Escape

Image credits: Stacey Stratton Thompson

#60 Any Of Your Bunny Here Who Likes To Stay In An Aquarium Tank ?

Image credits: Brenda Teh

#61 When Trying To Find Skippy…of Course…too Easy Apparently To Just Go Into The Cage

Image credits: Katie Terese

#62 “Hey You Hooman. I Smell Apple. Give Me Apple Now.”

Image credits: Theresa Chu

#63 Kitty Told Me This Morning That Bananas Are #1 On Her List And I'm #10

Image credits: Jennifer Davidek

#64 Um Beckham This Is Still My Bed. No Matter How Real You Make It Seem To Be Yours Lol

Image credits: Summer Jiang

#65 Shes Back With Her Curtain Dancing But Has Introduced Jumping Up Onto The Pouffe With It Too

Image credits: Bunnies are Arseholes

#66 I Asked My Arseholes For Rent Money + This Is What I Got

Image credits: Tom Lee

#67 Bunny Sisters Plotting ???? My Buns Like, Céline And Chloé, Like To Sit Equidistant In This Creepy Way Lol

Image credits: Christopher Edward Mack III

#68 I Got Woken Up In The Middle Of The Night Last Night By This Arsehole Demanding Food

Image credits: Pixie Cakeface

#69 Meet Cute-Butted Arsehole No.3: On The Hunt For Treatos....threatening Me By Starring, Pouncing And Finally Screaming At Me To Hand Over The Bait Right Now

Image credits: Sandra Schmidt

#70 The Name Of The Picture Is "Dead Husband And The Mourning Widow"

Image credits: Johanna Moilanen

#71 I Know It's Not His Fault, But It Would Be So Nice To Wear Black Again Without Wearing Half Of My Bun On Me

Image credits: Jrica Jreb

#72 The Manager Will See You No

Image credits: Annie Resins

#73 No One Allowed Past This Point

Image credits: Piyanka Kumar

#74 Caught This Big Butt Red Handed. And He Won’t Let Me Brush Him So Excuse The Scruffiness

Image credits: Alexandra Mahoney

#75 My Bunny With My Husband vs. My Bunny With Me

Image credits: Luna Tyczka

#76 A Massive Bale Of Straw Was On The Floor, It Had Fallen Off A Shelf. I Was Thinking Mr Bun Had Met An Untimely End, Squashed Under The Bale... As I Moved The Bale I Didn't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry As He Hopped Out Of The Bale And Grunted At Me For Disturbing Him!

Image credits: Carol Cordner

#77 All Those Chins Heard The Treat Bag?? Otherwise She’s The Ultimate Arsehole, She Doesn’t Really Love Me

Image credits: Laura Coroianu

#78 His Dinner Was 2 Minutes Late

Image credits: Katie Grant

#79 After 10 Days Of Being Given Medicine He Now Sleeps With A Sword

Image credits: Netty Von Banks

#80 This Is How My Rabbit Patches Half Listens To You If He Doesn’t Like What Being Said He Does This

Image credits: Michelle McCourt

#81 He Made Himself A Whole Little House

Image credits: Jenny Bieber

#82 Whilst I Was Cleaning Their Litter, This Little Ahole Decided To Hop Down The Stairs, Into The Kitchen And Push One Of The Panels To Crawl Behind The Cupboards At 7am On A Weekend

Image credits: Angelica Khan-K

#83 Breaking News Update: The Furry Arseholes That Broke Into Bubbles' Cage Earlier Today (January 26th, 2023) Appear To Have Recruited A New Accomplice

Image credits: Zoë Carriere

#84 This Is Pumba. Pumba Likes To Chew. Pumba Given Me The Evil Stare Because I Wont Let Him Chew My Slippers

Image credits: Louise Hiscock

#85 No Matter How Many Times I'm In And Out Of His Area A Day He Still Runs Away Like Bat Outta Heck And Stomps His Feet At Me For Disturbing Him

Image credits: Latrichia Dawn

#86 These 3la Still Refusing To Use Their Litter Trays

Image credits: Jay DaPirate Brown

#87 Standing Proudly Knowing What A Pain In The Arse She Is

Image credits: Steph Cook

#88 Coincidence, I Think Not

Image credits: Kellie Smith

#89 Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Image credits: Cat Levick

#90 On An Important Work Video Call And A Plant Gets Launched At Me And He’s Sitting There Like What You Gon Do’?. He Just Picked It Up With His Mouth And Launched It In My Direction

Image credits: Liv Kell

#91 He’s Clearly Mastered It

Image credits: Courtney Jeffries

#92 Arsehole Bit My Boob While He Had A Nail Clip. Look At Them Beautiful Fluffy Thumpers

Image credits: Amy Jayne Smith

#93 This Tiny Dictator! Zero F**ks Given After Tossing Her Large Water Bowl Everywhere . . . Twice Within An Hour

Image credits: Anne Kapio

#94 Our Little Bundle Of Joy When I Was In Middle School

Image credits: Josh Sehnert

#95 Bunnies: Ugh This Sofa Is So Hot Also Bunnies:

Image credits: May Mordecal

#96 As Requested, More Arsehole Nimbi In Doll Hous

Image credits: Bunnies are Arseholes

#97 Update On The Cable Chewer: She Has The Smelling Acuity Of A Shark. I Have Baricaded Myself In My Own Office And She Is Chewing Her Way Through. There Is No Escape From Her. Send Help

Image credits: LD Rain

#98 Today We Took Our Beautiful Boy For The Snip! ✂️ Turns Out Our Little Boy Bun Was A Girl Bun!

Image credits: Charlotte Watkins

#99 Rabbits Are Pretty And Innocent Pets...yes, I Can See In Its Eyes

Image credits: Giuly Roma

#100 Clipping The Nails Ain't Hard It's Trying To Catch Them Without Injury Or Heart Attack

Image credits: Sherri Brown

#101 First Time Rabbit Owner. Fostered This Little Ahole And Fell In Love With Her "Spicy Attitude And Sassiness" Now It Just May Be The Death Of Me!

Image credits: Sativa Blackburn

#102 I Arrived At Home 30min Later From Work

Image credits: Denisse Mendoza

#103 This Is My Bunny's Mug Shot, Behind Bars. Yes My Bunny Has A Police Record. She Was Caught And Detained By The Police While Running Through The Downtown Streets In A Busy City

Image credits: Patti Cooper Schwanke

#104 I Don't Care If You're Comfy Merlin, I Want To Lie Here!

Image credits: Hannah Williams

#105 Chinchilla Flemish Mix Bunnie

Image credits: Jennifer Osterhout

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